are your people getting the development opportunities they need?

Do you have a high employee turnover rate?
Can you predict the performance of your latest hires?
Are you using the latest technologies to make development decisions based on data?
Are you confident your people are getting the development opportunities they need?
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a more fulfilled workforce is not only happier, it also performs better

more innovation (Harvard Business Review)
higher retention (Gallup)
increase in sales (Martin Seligman)
less burnout (Harvard Business Review)

your PEOPLE can be THE ANSWER TO YOUR biggest business challenge

‘'A company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people".—Jim Collins

The connection between hiring the right people and business success is supported by countless studies but it remains a competitive advantage that far too many organisations don’t understand. The complexity comes from the fact that it is not about hiring the right skillsets—because skills can be taught—but rather about hiring the right mindset, personality, energy and integrity. And if you get that right, these ‘A players’ will propel your company to the greatest heights.

It is very difficult to effectively measure and assess these characteristics in candidates, and for the longest time, HR Managers relied on their feelings about someone. As valuable as that can be, the latest technologies are taking the guess work out of hiring the right people for your company. From virtual reality to artificial intelligence and applied neuroscience, Biz Group has an entire selection of assessment centre options to choose from that will ensure you identify and provide your people the development opportunities they deserve.

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The number of millennial employees is on the rise and by 2020, they will make up over half of the United State's total workforce. Why is this important? Not only do millenials have different expectations of their employers, they also have different work habits and they are consequently disrupting the traditional workplace. But instead of worrying about how to manage millenials, its time to start thinking about how to elevate them into great leaders and help them transition into leaders who can, in turn, effectively manage others. Read our whitepaper to discover how to manage the challenges of creating the new Millenial Managers

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