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VIRTUAL LEARNING : At the heart of AGILE AND FAST PACED COMPANIES in dubai and beyond

Have you ever wondered what makes some companies stand out from the rest? There is not one single  answer but research has shown that successful companies stay ahead of competition by  harnessing agility. Corporate agility can range from the way a business operates, teams collaborate and individuals think and act. Leaders and teams need to be innovative in their problem solving, agile in reacting to change and fluent in pooling capability and thinking both within their team’s and across disciplines.

Within this context, learning and the way learning is consumed also needs to be agile and easily accessible for teams that are working across different locations and within different workplace frameworks.

Virtual reality learning and training offers the same level of engagement, intensity of learning, quality of content with the additional benefit of having inbuilt flexibility in its delivery model. The virtual training and learning also creates a sense of unity within teams working remotely (at home or across different locations).

Here is how:

• Increased flexibility and accessibility
•  Increased participation and engagement
•  Creating a sense of unity in teams working geographically dispersed
   •   More concise sessions that seamlessly fit into the flow of work
• Immersive experiences and performance analytics

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Is the use of virtual reality for leadership training all it’s hyped up to be? Until recently, the use of VR for any kind of soft skills development was underwhelming at best; graphics weren’t up to expectations, the interactive elements were unconvincing, participants were getting sick and the cost of the technology required was prohibitive. Download our comprehensive guide which takes you through everything you need to know about VR in learning.

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