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virtual reality: the new frontier of leadership training

Has your latest leadership training fallen flat?
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Do you struggle to keep participants engaged or excited about upcoming training?
Are you looking to accelerate the impact of learning with science based analytics and reporting?
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the middle east's first multiplayer virtual reality leadership lab

In September 2019, Biz Group launched the Middle East’s first Multiplayer Virtual Reality Leadership Lab. It brings together the pioneering application of immersive Virtual Reality Technology together with expert behavioural psychology. This completely revolutionises how business leaders and teams develop new skills.

Why is immersive learning such a powerful tool for learning ?

In today’s world, deep functional expertise can no longer solve complex business issues. Leaders and teams need to be innovative in their problem solving, agile in reacting to change and fluent in pooling capability and thinking both within their team’s and across disciplines. The immersive nature of multiplayer Virtual Reality Training lends itself very well to developing those skill-sets in leaders and their teams.

Here is how:

• Immersive Virtual Reality simulations engage the senses and gives the impression of real world depth
• Leaders become immersed in this intense environment and show their authentic, natural and intuitive reactions to scenarios
• This experimental approach enables accelerated self-awareness and learning impact through structured facilitation and feedback

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