Teambuilding Growth Leader

Job Purpose

To take ownership of and drive a profitable,growing and sustainable teambuilding company, remaining the No. 1 teambuilding company in the Middle East, delivering on the brand promise - Safe Hands, Total Experience, Always Innovating.


Sales and Marketing

  • Work closely with Marketing to grow leads and demand
  • Drive the sales team and self to hit targets
  • Establish and manage a sales pipeline with increased predictability
  • Own the pricing and product positioning


  • Ensure smooth operations from logistics to delivery to the highest standard with flawless execution
  • Investigate and resolve any service failures, explore all opportunities for continued improvement
  • Manage assets, inventory and expenses plus cost of sales
  • Ensure optimum scheduling of event managers and leads to achieve customer satisfaction as well as profitability

Strategic Growth

  • Identify and Drive the implementation of Team Building Strategic Priorities for each trimester/ year
  • Identify opportunities for automation and digital solutions to enable the business to scale whilst managing profitability
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with like-minded organisations that contribute to the growth of Team Building in line with set targets
  • Achieve growth targets for expansion in KSA and have a watching brief for other opportunities in the Middle East territory
  • Own the relationship with Catalyst,and full leverage the capability of the Catalyst network
  • Use financial and business acumen to make data driven strategic and tactical decisions
  • Play an integral role in the Senior Leadership Team of Biz Group, contributing to the overall Biz Group strategy

Develop the Team

  • Ensure the business is resourced to meet client and operations demands, Biz Group strategy and best in class standards, including teambuilding freelance facilitators
  • Grow sales and operations personnel to be consistent high performers and develop their career potential.  Ensure each team member is engaged in a learning journey.
  • Conduct monthly check-ins and use the Insights Performance Management System. Support and coach the team highlighting any concerns and growth opportunities, ensuring a motivated and high performing team with an IDP for each team member.
  • Make tough decisions when necessary and hold people accountable for targets and activity.  Be a motivator and unleash their potential

Product Deployment

  • Make decisions on which new products to deploy, keeping abreast of current trends and ahead of competition

Biz Brand,Values & Culture

  • Protect & uphold the Biz values and culture within the company
  • Be a public ambassador for Biz, as well as ensure that the team displays a consistent & positive external appearance that fits with the Biz brand, values & culture
  • Grow Team Building market presence and brand exposure to continually maintain position as the number 1 teambuilding company in the UAE / GCC

Specific Measures of Success

  • Grow revenue 20% plus year on year for 5 years
  • Increase Net Profit margin by 15% over 3 years
  • Achieve 72% or more Gross Profit
  • NPS score of 70 or above with at least a 40% response from participants
  • Introduce a minimum of 4 new products, of at least 1 ½ hrs., per year
  • Complete all Strategic priorities (Rocks)
  • Bizzer engagement and performance high


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