Ghada Tohamy, SPHR, DHRP, BSc

''I am a passionate people’s person. My life purpose is to change the world one person at a time. My 28 years of experience lies in designing, developing, and delivering leadership and professional learning interventions to support clients from diverse industries to reach their business objectives. I capitalize on my native genius by creating impactful experiential learning environments that inspire people to change the way they think and work every day.''

A little more about Ghada

Ghada started her career as an assistant professor in physics and maths at an the American university in Cairo whilst pursuing her MA in Training & Development. She then moved to KSA where she made a career shift to training consultancy, and has since moved to live with her family in the Gulf region where she has worked with diversified industries; government, semi government, private as well as multi-national organizations.

With Ghada's well-rounded HR background, coupled with her scientific education, she has successfully navigated a 28 year career supporting organizations to unlock their employees’ potential driven by passion as well as proven methodologies. She helps her clients make the shift into seeing talent everywhere.

Along her career, Ghada has been a lead consultant, working with corporate clients across the GCC and the MENA region in the following industries: Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharma, Retail & Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Education.

Ghada's areas of expertise lie in leadership development journeys, leadership coaching, experiential learning workshops, team building and high performance teams, strategy facilitation, emotional intelligence, presenting with impact, personal branding and coaching. She also has extensive experience indesigning & developing assessment & development centers.

She was lucky enough to have discovered her native genius as ‘The Passion Advisor’ at the age of 10; having tapped into her passion to teach, learn, and transfer knowledge. She has spent her whole life unlocking people’s potential, through leading them directly to deliver business results, or through training and coaching with contagious passion that she has always been told influences the people that she works with in any capacity. The latest project she has been involved in is how to help Biz fully integrate experiential learning and the latest VR technology into her training workshops.

Ghada also takes great interest in other strategic arms of HR that directly impact human resource development and ultimately business results. Such as competency modeling, digital learning, and performance management, all of which she has had the opportunity to delve deeply into and deliver on along her career.

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