Ghada Tohamy

Ghada is driven by her inherent belief that people are creative resourceful and whole. Her passion for people led her to a career in the field of people strategy, learning and talent development, where she has sparked transformation in 1,000s of people from all walks of life. Her experiential highly reflective learning approach creates an upbeat engaging flow that mesmerises her audience and yields a transformational experience that touches hearts and minds alike.

Along the past three decades, Ghada has supported numerous organisations from diverse sectors and industries to cultivate a highly engaging agile learning culture where collective success was imperative.

Her decades of experience lie in designing, developing and delivering Professional Leadership Development solutions, Executive Coaching as well as Experiential Learning Interventions to empower her clients to reach their business goals. She also takes great interest in other strategic arms of HR such as: Talent Assessment, Psychometrics, Competency Modelling, Capability Growth Matrices, Digital & Virtual Learning, HR Technology and Performance Management.