Vicki Haverson

Vicki has spent over 20 years working with and within private and public sector organisations across the UK and Middle East in roles focused on performance improvement, coaching and business development. During this time she has been responsible for managing and training teams, coaching senior leaders and leading initiatives to support achieving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Vicki’s experience of working with organisations has seen her witness first hand the impact on individuals and teams when you focus on weaknesses compared to the positive effects of a strengths-based approach. This led to her interest in the field of strengths-based development and becoming a Certified Coach with Strengths Strategy, the world’s leading strengths-based application organisation. Since then Vicki has designed and delivered tailored strengths keynotes and training workshops across the Middle East and helped hundreds of individuals to unlock their potential through understanding their strengths.

As a Certified Strengths expert, Advanced Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Vicki is able to help individuals and teams accelerate their performance, overcome frustrations and improve their relationships through understanding and applying their strengths.

Vicki has published a number of articles on the topic of strengths and has been featured in Gulf News Friday Magazine and The Huffington Post.

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