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Biz Group Catalyst is at the forefront of team building in Saudi Arabia. Our clients value authentic quality – a fresh perspective based on solid concepts and practical experience. We provide structured interventions for virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face interactions that target individual needs and achieve measurable outcomes. We create high-energy events that will surprise and thrill even the most weary participants.

How Team Building Activities benefit teams

Saudi corporate team collaborating after a teambuilding excercise to increase productivity

The benefits of opting for LearningJourneys™

Some of the benefits of taking up LearningJourneys™ for workplace conduct training are:
Harness Your Teams’ Strengths

Team Building Testimonials

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Thank you for presenting our organisation with such a fantastic team building experience. Your creative team-building strategy pushed us to think outside the box and collaborate toward a common objective. Your professionalism, competence, and originality have left an indelible impression on our team, and we eagerly await the opportunity to work with you again.

Hilarion Oliver

Sales and Marketing Assistant - MENA

What a fantastic event we had!" I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our entire team about the event, activities, and the unique and exciting method you were able to encourage relationship building. I cannot express how grateful I am to you and your staff for making this possible.

Halide Oguz

Abu Dhabi Investment Office

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the afternoon. Everyone, including myself, had a great time. We have received numerous notes from colleagues throughout the region, all of which agree that it was the ideal conclusion to our Kick-Off - Really upbeat and amusing, and gave us a terrific sense of unity.

Lizzie Tebbs

Executive Assistant, GfK

This was a wonderful experience with a team-building component. We got to know people outside of work and see them in a different light. The activities we thought were regular turned out to be not only enjoyable, but also the start of a strong friendship between us.

Wejdan Eissa Alhjaj

Director of Corporate Relations, Department of Digital Ajman

How Team Building aids soft skill development

Communication: Team building exercises allow employees to communicate with one another effectively in order to achieve a common goal

Leadership abilities: Team events allow individuals to take charge of problem-solving and decision-making tasks and work positively with and support other team members

Collaboration: Team activities bring people together and makes them work together on common goals. By collaborating on common goals, duplication of work is reduced, there is less friction and resistance, and each staff member produces more, thereby improving overall team productivity

a man utilising VR teambuilding - an immersive corporate learning and teambuilding experience with Biz Group KSA

Face to Face, Virtual, and Hybrid Team Building activities to suit your needs


Fun and engaging in-person Team Building activities that can be conducted outdoors or indoors


Virtual Team Building activities to bring remote teams closer despite geographical boundaries


Hybrid Team Building activities to engage both virtual and in-house teams

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