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Team building games form an important part of creating effective teams and improving soft skills.

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Biz Group Catalyst work at the cutting edge of team building. Our clients appreciate true quality – a creative approach based on sound concepts and practical experience. We offer structured interventions that address specific needs and achieve measurable outcomes for virtual, hybrid and face-to-face interactions.  We deliver high-energy events that will simply delight and astound even the most jaded participants.

The benefits of Teambuilding

The benefits of opting for LearningJourneys™

Some of the benefits of taking up LearningJourneys™ for workplace conduct training are:
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Thank you for providing such an outstanding teambuilding experience for our organisation. Your innovative team-building approach challenged us to think outside the box and work collaboratively towards a common goal. Your professionalism, expertise, and creativity have made a lasting impact on our team, and we look forward to working with you again.

Hilarion Oliver

Sales and Marketing Assistant - MENA, Octapharma

What a wonderful event we had! I have received nothing but amazing feedback from our entire team on the event, activities and the way you were able to facilitate relationship building in a unique and fun way. I can’t thank you and your team enough for making this happen”

Halide Oguz

Abu Dhabi Investment Office

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and the team for this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it - as did everyone else! We have had lots of messages in from colleagues around the region and all say the same thing – it was the perfect end to our Kick-Off 😊 Really upbeat, and entertaining and gave us a great feeling of being “One Team”.

Ms Lizzie Tebbs

Executive Assistant, GfK

This was an incredible experience where the team-building element was present. We got to see people in a different light and knew them away from work. The activities that we thought were normal ended up being not only fun but the beginning of a strong bond between us.

Wejdan Eissa Alhjaj

Director of Corporate Relations, Department of Digital Ajman

Soft skill development with Teambuilding

Communication: Teambuilding exercises encourage staff to communicate with each other to complete tasks and solve problems.

Leadership skills: Identify leaders who take control of problem-solving tasks and positively work with, and encourage other members of the team

Collaboration: By working together on common goals, duplication of work is decreased, with less friction and resistance, and better output from each staff member

Unique and Innovative Team Building Activities

In-person Team Building

Rejuvenate and reenergeise your teams with innovative team building activities

Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building activities to engage your remote teams

Hybrid Team Building

Hybrid team building activities for in-house and remote teams

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Empowering Future Leaders: EGA’s Success with Axonify’s Learning Journey Platform

EGA's Successful Graduate Programme, LEAP, Embraces a Blended Learning Journey Through a Guided Digital Learning Path, Delivered by the Axonify Platform. At Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), investing in the development of young talent has been a longstanding tradition, with many executives tracing their journey back to their early days at the company. EGA's commitment to nurturing its workforce is exemplified through its National Graduate Training Programme, a rigorous 18-month initiative designed to groom graduates into first-line supervisors. EGA, the largest industrial company in the UAE outside the oil and gas sector, has consistently attracted top-tier graduates to join its ranks. The program, initially focused on engineering graduates, has evolved to include various disciplines such as Finance, Accounting, Human Capital, Marketing, and Supply Chain, aligning with the organisational needs. Upskilling and empowering future leaders This commitment to talent development has not only resulted in long and successful careers within EGA but also garnered recognition externally. In October 2023, EGA's Youth Council received the prestigious "Organisation of the Year for Youth Empowerment" award at the GCC GOV HR Awards 2023. This accolade recognized EGA's efforts in upskilling and empowering future leaders, aligning seamlessly with the National Youth Strategy of the UAE. One of the keys to EGA's success in youth empowerment is the innovative LEAP programme (Learn. Engage. Adapt. Perform), a key part of EGA's graduate development programme that focuses on leadership and management skills that enables graduates to take on key supervisory roles. The program embraces a blended learning journey through a guided digital learning path delivered by the Axonify platform. Ownership and accountability The LEAP program is designed to incorporate pre-reading, experiential learning tasks, virtual evaluations, coaching and in-person workshops. Graduates progress through milestones, earning reward points for completing learning tasks and reinforcement questions. The Axonify platform's reporting dashboards empower coaches and facilitators to track each graduate's progress, identifying missed milestones, coaching needs, and recognizing top performers across different cohorts. This has been a powerful tool to build networks of young talent across the organization empowering them to take ownership and accountability of their learning while supporting one another. The success of LEAP is through the curated design of content that is current to the new generation, enabling them to adapt and learn through multiple learning methods. The platform ensures a dynamic and interactive learning experience, making education engaging and effective for the tech-savvy generation. Delivering tangible results through the Axonify platform In driving the success of the program, Biz Group, as the dedicated vendor for the Axonify platform in the UAE region, stands out as a pivotal partner committed to delivering tangible results. To ensure customer success, we went beyond technical support, actively assisting both EGA and content service providers. Our commitment to our value, "Genuinely care about delivering Results" is evident through continuous monitoring, prompt issue resolution and structuring learning elements. This collaborative effort ensures that the Axonify platform not only functions seamlessly but also contribute to an engaging and effective graduate development initiative. EGA's commitment to empowering its youth is not just a testament to its values but a strategic investment in securing a bright future for EGA's young talent. The Axonify platform, plays a pivotal role in delivering a transformative learning journey that equips graduates with the skills needed to excel in their roles. As we celebrate EGA's success, it's clear that Axonify's micro-learning platform is a catalyst for seamless and impactful learning journeys, setting the stage for a new era of talent development.
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Banking Oranization

Multipliers Workshop for a Banking Organisation

Introduction A leading organisation in the banking sector wanted to improve team productivity and cross-functional collaboration in the management department. Solution  Biz Group set up a Multiplier workshop for this organisation and designed a Learning Journey for three days split a month apart. The tools used in this workshop included classroom training, Learning Circles, work-based assignments and AI-based microlearning and reinforcement with Axonify. The training also provided keynotes to the learners and helped them understand the positive and profitable effect Multipliers can have on organisations and individuals. Additionally, our virtual instructor-led training guided our learners to lead like a Multiplier and harness their team’s full capability. Furthermore, we also ran workshops to implement the theory learnt in the real world and practice applying these concepts in their organisation. In the end, we assigned assessments to find out from our learners if the training helped them in times when their leadership was diminishing. Moreover, we also offered our learners Multipliers Coaching, a system offering eight 50-minute conversations designed to help our learners shift from being an Accidental Diminisher to an intentional Multiplier. Impact After implementing training within the organisation, we used the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation to assess the impact of the Multiplier Workshop on the company’s management department. From Level 1, the Reaction level, we observed a 96% score for “Course being useful for their Leadership Career”. From Level 2, known as the Learning Level, there was a 23% knowledge growth recorded among the management team after using Axonify in their workflow. From Level 3, 48% of learners showed the application of learning through assignment submissions. This level is also known as the Behaviour level. Lastly, from Level 4, recording the journey results, we observed that the collection recovery increased by 500K every month, and sales increased by 21%. Moreover, business retention increased by 220%, increasing by 5.5M. Along with this, four underperforming staff overachieved their targets for two consecutive months, increasing the organisation's overall productivity.
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