middle manager giving a presentation while fellow managers look on
middle manager giving a presentation while fellow managers look on

Middle Manager training

Building the capability and confidence of middle managers to effectively lead and develop themselves and their teams

Do you know if your middle managers have the abilities necessary to be successful in the workplace of today?

The foundation of a great organisation is their mid-level managers. They are frequently in charge of their team’s success, while working for the company in a variety of situations.

Give your team leaders and middle managers the resources and best practices they need to eliminate silos, increase output, and enhance performance.

middle managers

Help your teams better connect by engaging in team building activities in Dubai & across the UAE and KSA

Jenson8’s pioneering VR solution delivers behavioral change that drives growth, changing the way we connect, collaborate and grow. The experience submerges teams in an environment where they show their authentic, natural and intuitive reactions to a pressure and time sensitive problem.

Biz Group Catalyst provides a range of Team Building activities that teams can undertake that will challenge them to think outside the box and solve problems together, whilst getting to know each other better and building trust.

Our Approach

We Listen

Tell us how you intend to give your middle managers more support

We Determine

Developing your mid-level leadership team using LearningJourneys™

We Curate

Call one of our knowledgeable Learning Advisors

Provide your middle managers the vital management skills they need.

Strengthen the core of organization

With a solid mid-level leadership team, you can strengthen the foundation of your organization.

By evaluating current skills and capacities, we can identify the gaps that transform good leaders into outstanding ones and develop leadership LearningJourneys™ tailored for your organisations’ needs.

Our cutting edge clients

Our experts deliver bespoke team building solutions

Biz Group can help you to find the right team building solution for your business, so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business. With bespoke solutions and a team of experts on hand, we can ensure that your team building activity is tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

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