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is a talent development and research organisation for companies looking to create a high-contribution culture.

The Wiseman Group Partnership

In 2011, we formed a partnership with The Wiseman Group to deliver the “Multipliers” leadership development programme, and “Impact Players” to clients in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Liz Wiseman and The Wiseman Group, based in Silicon Valley, have been assisting corporations such as Nike, Salesforce, and Google in multiplying intelligence in their organisations since 2010.

Wiseman Group Solutions

Multipliers: How the best leaders make everyone smarter by using multipliers

Through the Multipliers Leadership Development Programme you will explore leadership assumptions, develop new skills, and buld new habits so you can fully utilse all of the intelligence around you.

Implementing Multipliers can achieve these business outcomes:

– Leverage the talent within your business and double your team’s output
– Define opportunities that challenge people to go beyond what they know how to do
– Cultivate new ideas and energy to drive business transformation
– Create an environment where people feel safe to innovate
– Access a wide spectrum of thinking in rigorous debate before making decisions
Available as keynotes, workshops and coaching

Impact Players: How to take the lead, play bigger, and have a greater impact

Impact Players do what has to be done; they seize the opportunity to be useful and complete the task at hand.

When it is uncertain who is in command, Impact Players use the chance to provide leadership. Impact players are those who build strength, prove themselves, and finish strong. When confronted with moving targets, impact players inquire and modify, and they develop new skills and they lighten the load by making difficult situations easier for the entire squad.

Available as keynote and workshops.

Rookie Smarts

Experience can be a curse in a fast changing environment. Being new, inexperienced, and even clueless might be advantageous. Rookies are unburdened by baggage, resources, or a track record that limits their thinking or objectives. Continuous learning is more valuable than mastery for today’s knowledge workers.

The Wiseman Group’s international clients

Our Work
saudi corporate leadership

Bridging the Divide: A Biz Group...

Client Background: Biz Group was approached by a prominent corporate client in Saudi Arabia facing challenges in fostering effective communication and teamwork within their organisation. They sought a tailored team-building solution that would enhance communication, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills among their employees. Our Solution: Bridging the Divide Team-Building Event Biz Group proposed the team-building activity "Bridging the Divide" to address the client's specific needs. In this engaging exercise, teams were tasked with constructing a section of a bridge to meet customer specifications, all while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers, and strict timelines. Each team creatively designed and decorated their bridge section, with awards given for the most creative engineering design, best branding, and most efficient use of resources. Event Highlights: During the event, participants embraced the challenge, understanding that they were both suppliers and customers. The activity emphasised the importance of cross-functional cooperation and highlighted the knock-on effects of communication within a collaborative environment. Teams utilised clever project management techniques to succeed within the constraints of limited time and resources. The culminating moment of the event involved the installation of each team's bridge section as part of the larger company bridge. The grand finale was an exhilarating experience, as a remote-controlled vehicle traversed the entire length of the extended bridge, symbolising the successful collaboration and teamwork of all participants. Learning Outcomes: "Bridging the Divide" provided participants with powerful metaphors for real-world business challenges. The activity demonstrated the significance of ongoing customer relationship management, highlighting that success in any collaborative endeavor requires a deep understanding of communication's ripple effects. Impact on the Client: The event not only provided an interactive platform for enhancing communication, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants. By actively participating in building a bridge together, teams gained first-hand experience in the value of cross-functional cooperation and effective communication. Client Feedback: Post-event, the client expressed their satisfaction, commending Biz Group for the innovative and engaging team-building event. They acknowledged the event's ability to seamlessly blend learning outcomes with an enjoyable, hands-on experience. The client was particularly impressed with how the activity highlighted the importance of collaboration in achieving big picture goals within their organization. Conclusion: Biz Group’s "Bridging the Divide" team-building event successfully addressed the client's challenges by providing a dynamic platform for learning and collaboration. Through this activity, participants not only honed their communication and problem-solving skills but also gained valuable insights into the power of teamwork and cross-functional cooperation. The event's impact resonated within the client's organisation, fostering a spirit of collaboration that would undoubtedly contribute to their future success
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Saudi corporate team collaborating after a teambuilding excercise to increase productivity


The Saudi Central Bank, previously known as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority was established in 1952, and is the central bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has been entrusted with performing many functions which include: issuing the national currency, the Saudi Riyal, supervising commercial banks, managing foreign exchange reserves, promoting price and exchange rate stability, and ensuring the growth and soundness of the financial system. Problem Statement:  Reduce time to competency in a Leadership Role for new leaders Deliver measurable business results through improving performance and changing behaviour Ensure learners are engaged both in the training room and inspired to make a difference when they leave Solution: A Journey of Growth, Following the research phase with key stakeholders to fully understand the business needs, Biz Group designed a customised 3 Block (9 Module) Leadership Development Programme customized to their target audience. Roles and behaviours Interpersonal skills Planning and organising Motivating the team Delegation Managing performance Leadership from within Leading your team Leading for continuous improvements Impact: Transformative Power Our services not only delivered measurable results but also freed up valuable time for L&D teams by expertly handling all logistical aspects. Our commitment extended beyond the training room - we strived to captivate learners within, motivating them to create a lasting impact long after the training concluded. With our holistic approach, we ensured that all learners can effortlessly apply the tools and knowledge they acquire well into the future. Key Results Savings of AED7 million on a specific project Improvement in budgeting Learners stated an average improvement of 38% in leadership “I want to express my gratitude on behalf of my colleagues to Allah then to you for sharing your knowledge and experience during leadership journey program. We believe it will be very beneficial for our career growth and development. You were very special and spontaneous which has impressed us very deeply, one of a kind.” Procurement Section Head
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saudi vr woman engaging in a virtual reality immersive teambuilding experience

Etihad Airways’ World-Class Sales Team Receives...

Etihad Airways, the UAE's second-largest airline, began operations in 2003. The country's second flag carrier airline found it difficult to keep up with the volatile nature of the aviation business. It is also difficult for a corporation to estimate the nature of work after 6-12 months when it accumulates. Etihad's prior experience with e-modules had been restricted in terms of communication, therefore they were searching for a frontline-focused learning management system that could expedite learning and communication. Solution The aviation sector is fast-paced and competitive. Every day is different for Etihad Airways' managers, and the nature of their work necessitates a high level of efficiency from the workers. In this aspect, Etihad might stay up with the aviation industry's complexity by including Axonify into their performance monitoring structure. They wanted to create a sales process that was created by salespeople for salespeople. According to Etihad, Axonify's key selling point is the concept of daily learning, which their staff found user-friendly and exceedingly simple to understand. Graham Cook, the Manager of Commercial Performance, sees employees utilising Axonify on a daily basis to confirm their existing knowledge as "time well spent" and sees it as the greatest approach to avoid generic and monotonous training sessions. Etihad's use of Axonify as a medium to communicate and roll out updates in real-time is a crucial aspect. This improves the efficiency of Etihad's divisions while also informing everyone about the many changes that are occurring both internally and internationally. Impact Etihad noted a significant increase in engagement as their sales staff completed approximately 4,500-5,000 additional Axonify training sessions. This definitely demonstrates their excitement at work, which is a genuinely desirable attribute for an organization's frontline. Furthermore, Etihad saw a 10% increase in participation rate after implementing Axonify, with more than two-thirds of their sales team utilising this training product. Furthermore, this frontline training tool empowered Etihad's salespeople to approach their market and consumers with confidence. Axonify has enabled the organisation to send a positive message, which has had a significant impact on Etihad's work culture.
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Gamification learning and development training

How Apparel Group’s Strategic Onboarding Programme...

Apparel Group, a well-known worldwide fashion and lifestyle retail giant is dedicated to providing excellent shopping experiences to millions of customers throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area. With over 2,000 retail outlets across 14 countries and representing more than 80 worldwide brands, Apparel Group has established itself as an industry leader. However, in order to continue exceeding its broad clientele's expectations, Apparel Group recognised the need to rethink its approach to associate onboarding and training across its retail operations across the GCC. They had to understand and surpass the expectations of a young, diverse, and tech-savvy retail sales workforce while simultaneously shortening the time it took to onboard new personnel. Solution: Apparel Group collaborated with Axonify, a renowned provider of advanced training solutions, to address these difficulties. The goal was to establish a comprehensive approach to onboarding and training that would not only engage sales colleagues but would also track their knowledge growth and competency gains, resulting in positive business effect. Apparel Group used Axonify to create interactive digital onboarding and training programmes for both general onboarding and specialised sales associate responsibilities. Traditional classroom training methods were abandoned in favour of a more engaging and personalised training experience. Impact: The outcomes of this shift were astounding. Sales for the Skechers brand increased by 8%, while productivity across all brands increased by 20%. The training endeavour also resulted in observable behavioural changes, with over 2000 completed behaviour observations, 933 of which were evaluated as exceptional, scoring a perfect 100%. Furthermore, knowledge growth increased by 13%, with the baseline knowledge level of 67% rising to an astonishing 80%. Furthermore, sales associate engagement was exceptional, with a 91% participation rate and an average of four to five training sessions per week. With an average of 174,000 additional training sessions completed, the dedication to continued learning and development was clear. The cooperation between Apparel Group and Axonify has not only improved their associated onboarding and training, but has also provided actual commercial results. Apparel Group has positioned itself as a forward-thinking business that recognises the changing demands of its workers and consumers by embracing technology-driven, interactive training methods.
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saudi business managers having a crucial conversation to boost productivity

Transforming Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Journey to...

A prominent Saudi Arabian multinational dairy company The client, is a prominent Saudi multinational dairy company listed on the Tadawul stock exchange, which boasts a rich legacy as one of the world's largest integrated dairy businesses. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. They offer an extensive range of dairy products, fruit juices, bakery delights, and poultry items. Problem Statement: Rising to the Challenge - Empowering Leaders and the Organization In pursuit of leadership excellence, their Front-Line Managers confronted a spectrum of formidable challenges. These included the need to not only nurture their own leadership skills but also to inspire visionary leadership within their teams. At the core of this endeavour was the development of a robust Vision and Values framework, intended not only to steer personal growth but also to serve as a model for team development, ultimately enriching the entire organisation. To address these challenges, a tailored Learning Journey was crafted for managers at levels E5 to E7, individuals who had previously excelled as supervisors. This cohort grappled with multifaceted challenges, spanning self-leadership, team leadership, and the intricacies of managing business operations. Moreover, these managers needed to align seamlessly with the company’s core competencies, encompassing self-awareness, trust-building, accountability, collaboration, and the cultivation of robust customer relationships. Mastering these competencies was anticipated to empower program participants to excel in their designated roles and execute their responsibilities with precision, propelling both their personal growth and the company’s enduring success. Solution: A Journey of Growth, Impact, and Transformation The training program unfolded in a series of modules, delivered over several months, compelling participants to implement and apply their newfound knowledge within their workplace. Within this comprehensive training framework, the company’s management team embarked on a transformative journey with clearly defined objectives: Customer Focus: Challenged to foster lasting customer relationships and consistently provide solutions aligned with customer needs. Accountability: Tasked with the responsibility of self-imposed and collective commitment to meet obligations and responsibilities. Collaboration: Encouraged to cultivate partnerships and a collaborative ethos to achieve shared goals. Integrity and Trust: Emphasizing a culture of mutual support, teamwork, and the attainment of collective objectives. Additionally, the program stressed the importance of Self Awareness, urging participants to harness the power of feedback and self-reflection to gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately propelling their personal and professional growth. Impact: Transformative Power and Measurable Effectiveness of Training Participants showcased a profound commitment to personal development. They highlighted the effectiveness of keeping an open mind, which enabled them to embrace new perspectives and strategies. The practice of documenting plans and priorities emerged as a powerful tool for self-awareness, ensuring alignment with personal goals. Participants actively sought and welcomed feedback at work, showcasing their readiness to learn from others. Real-World Impact: The participants’ learning translated into tangible benefits in their daily life. By actively listening and understanding the feelings of others, they fostered empathy, contributing to improved relationships both personally and professionally. Open, constructive conversations with colleagues led to a more positive and collaborative workplace environment. The participant's newfound appreciation of self-awareness not only transformed their approach to life but also resonated with their colleagues, who joined in the practice. Sustaining Growth: The participant's commitment to continuous learning and development stands as a testament to the program's success. They actively seek feedback as a means to further their growth. Asking more questions and avidly consuming self-development resources such as books and videos have become integral to their daily routine. This unwavering dedication ensures that their journey of self-awareness and personal growth remains a dynamic and ever-evolving process. The participants commitment to personal growth and the tangible positive impact they've made in their personal and professional spheres showcases the profound success achieved through this training initiative. It exemplifies the potential for lasting change when individuals embrace self-awareness and continue their journey of growth.
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saudi frontline worker working in a retail corporate environment

Elevating Leadership Excellence: A Journey of...

A Saudi-based conglomerate known for its diverse range of activities and investments. The company is actively involved in various sectors, including automotive distribution, financial services, real estate, energy, and sustainability. The company has established itself as a global player, contributing significantly to the growth and development of both the Saudi Arabian and international economies. With a strong commitment to innovation and social responsibility, the company continues to make a positive impact in numerous industries worldwide. They aim to identify, nurture, and develop strategic talent capable of navigating the complexities of their diverse businesses.  Problem Statement: empowering aspiring leaders across borders The company faced the challenge of preparing a selected cohort of 20 participants for leadership roles within a 24-month timeframe. These aspiring young professionals required an accelerated learning and development program spanning multiple business units and countries, demanding a focused approach to skill and behaviour development.  Solution: Biz Group crafted a tailored learning journey for their Motors' Management Trainee Program, aligning with their core values and business objectives. This pathway adhered to the foundational 70:20:10 principle while maintaining a prominent emphasis on: Building Impact Players Mastering Productivity Nurturing Effective Customer Relationships Enhancing Problem Solving & Decision Making Emotional Intelligence Training Creating High-performance teams Fostering Creativity & Innovation   Impact: Igniting remarkable transformation Participants demonstrated enhanced emotional intelligence, improving their ability to adapt to change and solve problems under pressure. Productivity soared as trainees articulated their purpose, managed time effectively, and improved task management. High-performing teams emerged, with boosted communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Trainees fostered meaningful customer relationships, effectively addressing issues and enhancing customer experiences. Problem-solving and decision-making capabilities improved, resulting in quicker, data-driven decisions. Creativity and innovation became integral to problem-solving, enabling participants to generate disruptive ideas. Participants embraced an Impact Player mindset, actively contributing, leading, and making work easier for their teams. Biz Group's tailored approach not only prepared the company’s emerging leaders for the corporate Talent Pool and Succession pipeline but also fostered a culture of continuous learning and excellence, positioning the company for continued success in a dynamic business landscape.
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How Apparel Group’s Strategic Onboarding Program...

Introduction Apparel Group, a renowned global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate headquartered in the UAE, is committed to providing exceptional retail experiences to millions of customers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Apparel Group has established itself as a leader in the industry, with over 2,000 retail locations across 14 countries and representing more than 80 global brands. However, to continue surpassing the expectations of its diverse clientele, Apparel Group recognized the need to revamp its approach to associate onboarding and training across its retail operations in the GCC. They faced the challenge of understanding and exceeding the expectations of a youthful, diverse, and tech-savvy retail sales workforce while also reducing the time required to onboard new employees. Solution To address these challenges, Apparel Group partnered with Axonify, a leading provider of innovative training solutions. The objective was to implement a strategic approach to onboarding and training that would not only engage the sales associates but also track their knowledge growth and competency improvements, ultimately driving positive business impact. With the help of Axonify, Apparel Group deployed interactive digital onboarding and training programs that were tailored for both general onboarding and specific sales associate roles. The traditional classroom approach was left behind in favour of a more engaging and personalized training experience. Impact The results of this transformation were remarkable. The Skechers brand experienced an 8% increase in sales, while productivity across all brands saw a significant 20% boost. The training initiative also led to observable behaviour changes, with over 2000 behaviour observations completed, out of which 933 were marked as exceptional, scoring a perfect 100%. Additionally, knowledge growth showed a remarkable increase of 13%, with the baseline knowledge level of 67% rising to an impressive 80%. Furthermore, the engagement levels among the sales associates were extraordinary, with a participation rate of 91% and an average of four to five training sessions per week. The commitment to continuous Learning and Development was evident, with an average of 174,000 extra training sessions completed. Apparel Group's partnership with Axonify has not just revolutionised their associated onboarding and training but also delivered tangible business results. By embracing technology-driven, interactive training methods, Apparel Group has positioned itself as a forward-thinking organisation that understands the evolving needs of its workforce and customers alike.
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the one

How THE One Increased Sales Conversion...

Introduction THE One Total Home Experience is a UAE-grown Lifestyle Brand that offers Seasonal Collections of Affordable Home Fashion founded in 1996. Today THE One has 22 stores and 1 Bistro Restaurant across the Middle East and North Africa, consisting of 3 categories, THE One, FUSION by THE One, and THE One Basics. The growing workforce spread across different geographical locations posed the challenge of training their frontline, keeping them informed, and communicating with them efficiently. THE One was looking for a training solution that would allow them to improve staff knowledge growth for improving sales conversions and helping them deliver exceptional customer service. Solution THE One started a series of training programmes with users. They wanted to focus on certain top-selling products and ensure the staff knew everything about it and could upsell and cross-sell products. According to THE One's internal survey, within the first six months of using Axonify, users reported that the knowledge they gained about suggestive selling and cross-selling, among other topics, helped them to do better on the job. In fact, the top performers on Axonify are usually the top-performing employees. As a result, THE One reported a 10% increase in sales conversion rates by training with Axonify five times a week. Impact THE One saw an employee participation rate of 98%, with 23.4% Training Frequency. Participants trained on Axonify saw a 28% knowledge growth. 97% of participants agreed that Axonify helped them to be more efficient in their jobs and increased their product knowledge. 'It has improved my customer service skills. My Upselling and cross-selling has increased,' said an employee using Axonify. THE One team gained more confidence in handling customer issues and upselling, especially front-of-the-house products.
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Etihad Airways

How Etihad Airways Clarified their Development...

Introduction Etihad is a large international airline based in Abu Dhabi, providing service to more than 400 destinations in 74 countries around the world. Founded in 2003, we have more than 100 aircraft with revenues upward of $6 billion each year. The Abu Dhabi-based international airline wanted to improve Etihad wanted to improve performance by examining all forms of learning across the organisation. One of their biggest emerging problems was customer service and satisfaction. Their Net Promoter Score (NPS) was too low to establish the kind of success and growth they planned for their future. However, they lacked the proper internal development capabilities to move the needle significantly. The company had clear goals that had to be achieved. To begin with, they needed to develop a clear framework for staff improvement and a simple model to demonstrate excellence. Along with this, the company had recognised universal knowledge points but had to find a method to convey them through an always-accessible training format. With content published daily, Etihad needed a cohesive training format and central hosting location. Solution Etihad realised that leadership and management skills do not come automatically to employees but need to be guided to do so. Etihad Airways decided to run a pilot program for their frontline employees. They eventually expanded to cover Mastering the Art of Service training to enhance their customer service skills. Furthermore, they began using Axonify for more than just hosting videos. This revolutionary training solution allowed the company to track individual and group progress. This benefited Etihad Airways as their senior managers could monitor employee training performance and be more strategic about future development modules. Impact Etihad Airways observed a significant increase in employee engagement around training and development. Their NPS had skyrocketed, increasing by 30 points, and they benefitted from the possibility of leading to more customer referrals while increasing customer satisfaction. Andrew Stotter-Brooks, the Vice President of Learning & Development, claimed that Axonify was the model that helped them promote better employee growth. He further summarised the modern learning solution using three concepts – “clarity, simplicity, and making learning fun.”    
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Etihad Airways

First-class training for a world-class sales...

Introduction Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the UAE and commenced its operations in 2003. The second flag carrier airline of the country found it challenging to keep up with the dynamic nature of the aviation industry. It’s also highly demanding for a company to forecast the nature of work after 6-12 months when it piles up. Etihad’s previous history with e-modules was limited in communication, and they were looking for a frontline-focused learning management system that could streamline learning and communication.  Solution The aviation industry is highly dynamic and competitive. Every day looks different for the managers of Etihad Airways, and the nature of their work demands a high-efficiency rate from the workforce. In regards to this, Etihad could keep up with the complex nature of the airline industry by inculcating Axonify to their performance measurement structure. They aimed to develop a sales process designed by salespeople for salespeople. According to Etihad, the concept of daily learning Axonify brings to the table is its real selling point, as their employees found it user-friendly and incredibly simple to understand. Graham Cook, the Manager of Commercial Performance, finds employees using Axonify daily to reaffirm their existing knowledge as “time well spent” and sees it as the best solution to escape the generic and boring training modules. A key feature of Axonify utilised by Etihad is using this tool as a medium to communicate and roll out changes in real-time. This increases the efficiency of Etihad’s departments and informs everyone about the various changes taking place internally and externally. Impact Etihad noticed a massive increase in their engagement rate, as their sales staff completed around 4,500-5,000 extra training sessions on Axonify. This clearly depicts their enthusiasm at work, which is genuinely an ideal quality required by an organisation’s frontline. Furthermore, Etihad observed a 10% improvement in participation rate after using Axonify, with more than 2/3rd of their sales team engaging with this training solution. Moreover, this frontline training tool left Etihad’s salespeople empowered to confidently approach their market and customers. Axonify has allowed the company to deliver a positive message positively, making a real impact on Etihad’s work culture.
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