Job Purpose

Collaborate with Biz Group’s current and potential Saudi clients to understand and accomplish their End Game by curating customised solutions from the collection of top-notch material offered by Biz Group. Obtain profitable new clients and manage the accounts of current clients to generate sales in accordance with personal goals.



  • Establish a KSA sales funnel and meet sales goals in accordance with the line manager.

Business Development  

  • Attend and support regular meetings of the Solutions Advisory Team, giving them priority over all other activities.
  • Ensure that your personal KSA lead generation strategy is clear, and that it includes the activity levels (calls, meetings, opportunity value, and conversion rates) necessary to promote lead development and maintain a strong pipeline.
  • Actively seek out new clientele within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to create new business prospects.
  • Follow up on leads for KSA obtained through marketing initiatives.
  • Coordinate completed business transactions, supporting the KSA Customer Success Cycle, from contract negotiation to integration with daily business operations.
  • Make sure the relevant Operations / Implementation Team receives a thorough written and verbal handover.

Strategic Objectives 

  • Create and implement a personal KSA sales strategy, then present it to the team every quarter
  • Actively participate in sales strategy sessions.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the Biz Group Digital, Learning, Teambuilding, and Transforming products and concepts so that you can confidently present and propose appropriate solutions to clients.

Quarterly Objectives & Rocks 

  • Consistently achieve KSA sales quarterly goals and objectives
  • Lead the execution of KSA key initiatives

Learning & Development 

  • Be a proactive learner & be willing to share knowledge about Saudi Arabia with the rest of the Solutions Team and wider Biz Group Team
  • Lead at least one Biz Group Learning Huddles throughout the year
  • Lead at least one Solutions Team learning session per year

Account Management & Growth 

  • Successfully demonstrate the ability to grow KSA accounts and win repeat clients
  • Manage and maintain existing KSA accounts by ensuring a continuous sales pipeline and developing profitable relationship by proposing new Biz Group offerings
  • Maintain up to 30 KSA Key Accounts and 60 KSA Developing Accounts within your sales portfolio
  • Have three or more AED 500k+ KSA revenue accounts in this portfolio


  • Keep thorough records of KSA clients and projects through Salesforce, and adhere to the deadlines for sales administration and support while using systems as per company guidelines
  • Set the bar high for system usage so that your coworkers can follow your lead.


  •  Live and breathe Biz Group values with evidence and validation from peers consistently
  • Proactively Support People’s Personal Growth by offering support & guidance to other team members  wherever and whenever needed


  • Lead and contribute to KSA Deal and Account storms

Specific Measures of Success 

  1. Achieve or exceed prospecting call targets from Saudi Arabia
  2. Achieve or exceed client meetings’ target from Saudi Arabia
  3. Achieve or exceed the opportunities created target from Saudi Arabia
  4. Achieve or exceed revenue contribution target from Saudi Arabia
  5. Maintain close ratio above 30% (or agreed target)
  6. Have 3 or more AED 500k+ KSA revenue accounts in your portfolio


Combining Strengths 

No task is beneath any of us, and we all support one another in accomplishing it. We have discovered that we are far stronger as a group than we are as individuals, and we take into account how our choices and deeds affect other people. We are one and very close; we are the “Biz family” rather than just a group of coworkers.

Genuinely Care About Delivering Results 

For generating results, we accept responsibility and ownership.  We enjoy exceeding expectations and surprising both our customers and other business owners.  We tend to lean towards ongoing development.

Believe Anything is Possible 

We are a motivated company, and we are aware that the human mind is capable of anything it can imagine and believe.  Even in difficult times, we are inspired to think broadly and set high standards because we are focused on accomplishing our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

Act with Biz Energy 

We exude infectious vigor, enthusiasm, and passion. We have a ton of fun and are motivated to show up for “work” every day. We are quick thinkers who move quickly, act with urgency, agility, and flexibility to change. We conquer challenges and recover with newfound vigor. Never do we give up.

Tell You What You Need To Hear 

We foster an atmosphere of trust where candid, courteous criticism may be offered and accepted with the best of intentions both internally and with customers.  Even if it’s not always what we want to hear, we know that in order to advance and get better, we must hear it.

Supporting People’s Personal Growth 

We are passionate about supporting one other’s and our clients’ growth as well as our own. We put money into education, we spread information, and we encourage internal promotion. Biz encourages growth while having fun.