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The year was 1993.

Our founder Hazel Jackson touched down in Dubai with just $500 in her pocket, a type writer to write out her first training course and a vision; to build a company focused on enriching peoples lives.

Today, Biz Group is home to 60 professionals who still share Hazel's original vision. People are and will continue to be at the heart of everything we do; all of our products, events and learning journeys. Naturally, this passion for people led to the creation of our brand promise: to change the way people think and work every day.

Since 1993 we have grown into much more than a training company. We're proud to say that we've worked with hundreds of leading Middle East companies, helping them to overcome their business challenges and transform their organisations.

To quote the brilliant author and coach, Marshall Goldsmith “What got you here, won’t get you there”. The world of corporate learning and employee engagement is changing and we intend to be disruptors rather than get disrupted. Digital learning solutions now play an integrated role in everything that we are offering and that will only increase.

We are investing in technology and digital savvy talent, so our solutions engage learners and reinforce the learning experience; we provide learning on demand at the point of need (normally back in the workplace) and seamless integration that makes it easier for reporting and measuring ROI.

We believe the role of face-to-face interventions won’t go away. Whether it’s through an in classroom simulation, teambuilding experience, coaching or peer learning circles. The power of all generations learning together, building a common language and understanding how they can create a high contribution culture will remain at the heart of Biz Groups passion and products. It will be augmented by machine learning, the latest global best practices and the very reason we have thrived for 25 years – our People!

Why I love my job...


At Biz, we feel passionate about giving back and we are proud to be part of the B1G1 network. The impact we have on the lives of others through B1G1 gives purpose, meaning and relevance to our business and puts the act of giving back at the core of what we do. Since joining B1G1 in 2016, we have contributed to the following causes that are close to our hearts:

  • 21176 days of learning materials to vulnerable children in need.
  • 17538 days of access to a special life education program for children in India.
  • 90109 special learning tools to pre-school children.
  • 9468 days of access to a special life education program for children in India.
  • 29463 days of access to a special life education program for children in India.
  • 5205 learning tools to nursery school children in Ethiopia.
  • 16 days of medical eye care to elderly people in need.
  • 6445 learning tools to school children in Cambodia.
  • 12463 special learning tools to pre-school children.

Our trophy cabinet

We've picked up a few awards on our journey that make us smile :)
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Dubai SME Rated Business Award
Dubai 100 SME Award
Great Place to Work Award 2017
Great Place to Work Award 2016
Great Place to Work Award 2015
Great Place to Work Award 2014
Great Place to Work Award 2013

Our Values

Value 1= Combining Strengths
Value 2= Genuinely Care About Delivering Results
Value 3= Believe Anything is Possible
Value 4= Act with Biz Energy
Value 5= Tell You What You Need To Hear
Value 6= Supporting People’s Personal Growth

Our Office

“Wouldn’t it be great if all your people were inspired to come to work every day - happy, engaged and love what they do while there, and feel fulfilled when they go home. ”
Bev Mileham
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