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Podium Assessments- robust, tailored workplace assessments

Talent assessment solutions leveraging Virtual Reality and Psychometric assessment for onboarding, employee development, and culture.

How can Podium Assessments help you identify the right talent

Podium Assessments


The experience was amazing, embedding technology into learning even makes it more fun. 70% of development will from either doing the job by self or living the behaviour for this what I felt in the VR experience.

Sana Khammash

Talent Lead, Pepsico

The VR immersion was fantastic - group facilitation afterwards helped to uncover key behaviours which are easily seen in the workplace. It would be interesting to use this in a team assessment scenario. Thanks for the experience.

Ingrid Grekos

Leadership Training Manager, Emirates

It was an enjoyable experience that allowed me to introspect how I respond to situations and interact with people during critical moments.

Maureen Tiamsic

Senior L&D Specialist, Dubai Duty Free

A combination of science and technology

Developed by a team of international academics, workplace psychologists, and technologists

Top-quality assessments that give organisations a deeper, more meaningful insight into their people

Podium’s assessments are built to give potential recruits a positive experience of your organisation

combination of science and technology

The Benefits


Improves organisational culture


Adaptable to your brand


Deeper and more meaningful insights into your people

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Alexander Mai

Mai Dubai

Management team helping the client in problem-solving and understanding team behaviours to become more effective leaders.
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Entrepreneurs’ Organisation UAE

How through VR training, behavioural change can drive growth and change the way we connect, collaborate and grow.
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Geet-Bhalla entrepreneur organization

Entrepreneurs’ Organisation UAE

Virtual Reality training provided rich insights, enabling Entrepreneur's Organisation to tailor leadership and team development plans.
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