Hazel Jackson


Hazel remains passionate about the world of learning, development and employee engagement even after founding the business nearly three decades ago. Her primary leadership role is to explore future trends that can deliver and preempt our clients learning needs. An avid reader and industry commentator, Hazel keeps current by working closely with clients, facilitating conferences and strategy workshops with senior leaders.

The custodian of the Biz Group Purpose – to Enrich Lives through Learning, she believes if we can help everyone be better leaders and team members, they will get more fulfillment from their jobs, make more impact and go home to be better parents and partners.
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Vicky Swarbrick

Director of People and Culture

Vicky is a senior Human Resources professional and qualified Executive Coach with extensive experience of working with businesses to add demonstrable value through aligning commercial people solutions with business strategy. ​

​She is passionate about working with organisations to use coaching to maximise the potential of their existing talent.

Her approach focuses on supporting leaders in developing their emotional intelligence to achieve effective performance. She does this through helping clients raise awareness of themselves and others and channesl this awareness to be more purposeful and effective.

​In her role as a senior leader and HR professional at Biz Group, Vicky has harnessed the power of coaching to achieve the organisation’s wider talent development strategy.

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Neeve O’ Malley

Director of Learning Solutions

Growing up in a family business sourcing fresh produce from around the world certainly influenced a desire to create impact and change in Neeve’s life. Throughout her career, Neeve has held a variety of leadership roles alongside world-class experts and future thought leaders, creating experiences which result in business success.

Neeve is a highly skilled relationship and commercial manager who enjoys a challenge. She is passionate about development, self-leadership, culture and teams, with over 20 years of experience. As the Solutions Manager at Biz Group, she supports authentic and inspiring conversations with clients and challenges them to think differently about their people and businesses, creating impact and influence.

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Chris Quy

Director of Strategic Learning

Creating and developing high-performance teams is something that Chris has excelled at within his 18-year career in training and talent development across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Chris’ natural ability to spot talent and develop others makes him uniquely placed to help Biz Group’s clients develop and build their human capital.

As a former Head of Learning & Development for a major international consultancy group, Chris is an experienced training professional and facilitator and recognises the traits that separate an L&D superstar from just another trainer.

Working closely with global brands within the automotive, aviation, FMCG, luxury, finance, marcomms and creative sectors, Chris is pivotal in ensuring that Biz Group’s content, solutions and delivery are the best in market, leading our teams across sales, customer success and marketing.
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John Dickenson

General Manager - KSA

John is an experienced leader with a demonstrated track record of working with immersive and industry-leading technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, 3D and artificial intelligence, and building human capability and organisations’ capacity to deliver. Passionate about identifying and aggregating technologies and the content required to build life-long learning to meet the opportunities of Industry 4.0

As the General Manager at Biz Group, John’s focus is on growth. His objective is also to continue building the KSA market, engage with existing partners and develop new working relationships to ensure Biz Group is ideally positioned to deliver on the specific needs of organisations operating in Saudi Arabia.

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Matthew Wilkins

Director of Learning Technology

Matthew has become a specialist in helping enterprise organizations solve messy problems through the use of smart technology!

In the new work environment where the only constant is change, Matt has built his career on supporting businesses in getting to the heart of the challenges they are trying to solve. Diagnosing the key changes in behaviour that need to be made and translate into large frontline workforces being able to contribute at their best. Once identified he and his team use smart technology to help behaviours not just change, but deliver a consistent, lasting impact.

Recent highlights have come from helping Expo2020 onboard and train ten’s of thousands of contractors and volunteers in just 3 months, supporting Etihad in enabling their new Customer Service principles that saw a 30 point improvement in NPS and work with Emirates NBD which saw over 40% improvement in approval rates.

Watch Video: Matthew Wilkins talks about what makes an organisation irresistible to work with! 

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Nicola Milton

Marketing Director

Nicola is a skilled corporate communications marketer, with over 20 years’ experience in marketing and design, having worked in both advertising and branding agencies; and as a client in the retail, real estate and services sectors.

Her strategic insights have earned her opportunities to work on global, regional and local campaigns in the UK, Africa and Middle East, and has the accomplishment of creating a viral social media campaign (the Evolution of Dubai) that was viewed over 8 million times.

Nicola views marketing as the core of every business and offers many years of experience in related roles, as well as a passion for always improving numbers, enhancing knowledge and exceeding expectations.
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Archana Premnath

Director of Customer Success

Archana is responsible for successful implementation of the Learning Technologies within the client’s environment, managing timelines as well deliverables and ensuring that clients are able to see a clear return on their investment.

Her enthusiasm, flexibility and a commitment to quality and customer service as well as passion to help solve problems makes her a trusted advisor both internally in Biz Group as well as with our clients.

With over 15 years of experience in L&D world, Archana has extensive experience managing teams, designing and implementing learning solutions that defy traditional approaches.
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Dave Howcraft

Finance Director

Dave leads the Finance Team at Biz Group and provides support across all of our different Business Units. He is an ACQA Qualified Accountant, with over 15 years of PQE experience in Financial Services and Professional Service.

With a close eye on managing costs, Dave also looks after product pricing ensuring we remain competitive in the market and that we are able to offer great value to our clients.

Dave also looks after us from a legal and compliance perspective, ensuring the business is suitably protected, often negotiating contracts with clients and partners to reduce any exposure.
[email protected]

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