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Why is there a need to enhance your team's behavioural skills?

In the current business climate, organisations are looking to enhance their team’s behavioural skills in order to create a more productive, cohesive and positive work environment. By improving communication and relationship-building abilities, organisations can improve their overall performance.

It has been proven that happy employees lead to happy customers, so it is important for businesses to ensure that their employees are engaged and motivated. LearningJourneys™ can help your team develop the essential skills needed to build positive relationships both within and outside of the workplace.

Learning Journeys™ - The best solution for behavioural training

The benefits of opting for LearningJourneys™

Some of the benefits of taking up LearningJourneys™ for workplace conduct training are:


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Alshaya Group has worked with Biz Group since 2011, and the company has hugely benefited from the wealth of knowledge and understanding of Biz Group’s facilitators. An essential programme handled by Biz Group is the Alshaya Leadership Programme. Graduates from the programme have described it as a highlight of their corporate life LearningJourneys™. In 2021 we worked with Biz Group to successfully deliver “Crucial Conversations”, an online people management training course designed for senior managers. The course enrolled more than 250 managers, producing excellent responses and feedback. Working with the Biz Group team has directly benefited our employees’ skills and abilities”.

Diala Nahle

External Communications Manager | Corporate Communications, Alshaya Group

You changed my life! I want to thank you for all your efforts that made a difference to my professional journey. It not only got me the opportunity to move to a regional position, but to over achieve in my new position.

Rehab Zaki

IT Operations Manager, Amadeus Airline

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