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We understand that the stakes are high. Your people's ability to communicate effectively can make or break your business but with the right tools, effective communication skills training can resolve conflict, improve relationships and support a performance based culture.

People deserve to feel free to communicate openly and honestly without fear of reprisal. In fact it is important for them to do so. Research shows that open communication can improve productivity by up to 25% when employees feel connected to co-workers and engaged to their work. Silos are not only detrimental to people on a personal level, but also to business development and growth.

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“Vicki is by far the most passionate coach I have ever met.  I had the pleasure of working with her on a project to help our managers discover their Strengths. The project involved coaching one-to-one, TTT and co-facilitation, all delivered to the highest standards!"
Lisandro Maturo
Dubai Airports
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Download Chapter One from the Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when the stakes are high

Do you need to improve dialogue and engagement within your organisation? Are you struggling to build a high performance culture? Do your employees know how to confront difficult situations proactively and productively? Avoiding tough conversations costs businesses millions of dirhams a year and nurtures a low performance culture. The Crucial Conversations book has transformed and changed the way millions of people communicate by giving them the right tools to transform confrontation into opportunity.

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