Written By: Cynthia Vincent, Biz Group, Leadership Consultant

It’s been said that people don’t quit jobs, they quit bad bosses. How can you ensure that as a leader, you are empowering your team and utilizing their capabilities effectively?

Check out the 5 things that make a great boss great:

  1. Great bosses attract, hire, utilize and cultivate A player talent

Every chef knows that the most important element of a great meal is great ingredients. After that, the chef needs to know how to combine and use those ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece. When a boss gets this talent part right employees gain deep personal satisfaction, they perform at their best and they are excited to come to work each day

  1. Great bosses set a clear vision, direction and expectations

They ask their people to do challenging work which is aligned to their strengths. Most importantly they have the mindset that their people are smart and can figure things out. That assumption drives them to set high targets and ambitious goals.

  1. Great bosses regularly create opportunities for their people to stretch their capability.

They empower them by giving them full ownership of important projects. They coach rather than micromanage or direct and they stay out of the way when things are going well. Like a good coach they stay on the sidelines not on the field.

  1. Great bosses understand that we often learn more from our failures than our successes.

They create a safe environment that allows people to be innovative and take risks without the fear that those mistakes could end their career. And when mistakes do happen they focus on the lessons learnt.

  1. Finally great bosses appreciate and utilise the intelligence of their team.

They encourage lively discussions that will unearth opinions different to their own. They are inclusive and understand that the 22 year old new grad can add as much value to the conversation as the 42 year old director.

So now you know what to do , go and do it! Get in touch with one of our Solutions Advisors if you have any questions on how you can make your leaders great bosses.