Are you interested in multiplying the impact of your entire organisation?

You may or may not have heard of Multipliers—a ground-breaking leadership training program devised from Liz Wiseman’s book of the same name⁠. Multipliers has helped leaders around the world experience first-hand the power of ‘multiplying’ their team’s potential and intelligence.

Developing Multiplier leaders is extremely valuable to businesses, but it’s not enough to single-handedly create a high contribution culture at work.

That’s where Biz Group come in.

We’re very excited to launch Multiply Your Impact—a hot off the press training program devised to multiply the contribution of all your employees and maximise impact from the bottom up.

Further Information

Cynthia Vincent, our Training Consultant and Multipliers Practitioner, has spent years training Multiplier Leaders. Watch the video below to understand how Multiply Your Impact can not only leverage all the great work your Multipliers Leaders have made, but also how it improves the output of your entire company.

Are you interested in multiplying the impact of your entire organisation? Contact us today!

Transformation is within your reach in 3 easy steps:

  1. Watch Cynthia’s video
  2. Get in touch with one of our friendly solutions advisors.
  3. Multiply your team’s impact

It’s that easy!

We look forward to hearing from you.