Are you interested in multiplying the impact of your entire organisation?

Maximise Your Team’s Potential with Biz Group’s Multiplier Leadership Training

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the imperative for transformative leadership has never been greater. Biz Group, a leader in corporate training and development in the UAE, introduces an innovative programme, “Multiply Your Impact,” designed to revolutionise your organisation’s performance and culture. This programme, inspired by Liz Wiseman’s acclaimed book “Multipliers,” is not just another leadership course; it’s a catalyst for unleashing the collective intelligence and potential of your entire team.

Why Multipliers Matter in Today’s Business World

The concept of Multipliers is at the heart of this transformative programme. Multipliers are visionary leaders who amplify the intelligence and capabilities of their teams, fostering an environment of growth, innovation, and efficiency. Unlike Diminishers, who drain energy and intelligence from their teams, Multipliers create a culture of accountability, strategic thinking, and collaboration, leading to increased employee engagement, improved team performance, and faster execution.

The Biz Group Difference: Comprehensive Leadership Development

What sets Biz Group’s programme apart is its holistic approach to leadership development. Our Multipliers Leadership Development Programme goes beyond mere inspiration and insights. It delves into leadership assumptions, skill development, and habit formation, ensuring long-term change and a high-impact learning path connected to real business challenges.

Our offerings include:

  • Experiential Workshops: Interactive sessions to help leaders internalise the five disciplines that distinguish Multipliers.
  • Engaging Keynotes: Insights into amplifying intelligence within organisations.
  • Targeted Coaching: Tailored Multipliers training for internal programme delivery.
  • Certification Opportunities: Empower your leaders with official Multiplier certification.

Real Results with Multipliers Coaching

The Multipliers Coaching System is an integral part of our programme. It consists of eight 50-minute sessions designed to transition leaders from Accidental Diminishers to Intentional Multipliers. This coaching helps leaders decrease accidental diminishing behaviours, spark better thinking, capture latent intelligence, and ultimately, build a more capable and independent organisation.

Our Partnership with The Wiseman Group

Our collaboration with Liz Wiseman and The Wiseman Group, dating back to 2010, reinforces our commitment to delivering top-tier leadership training. Liz Wiseman’s recognition as a top leadership thinker globally adds immense value to our programme, ensuring that your leaders receive training grounded in proven methodologies and global expertise.

Transform Your Organisation with Biz Group

Investing in Biz Group’s Multipliers Leadership Training means investing in the future of your organisation. With options for both English and Arabic content delivery through virtual or live workshops, supported by impactful coaching, we ensure maximum engagement and tangible business impact.

Watch our featured video with Cynthia Vincent, our Training Consultant and Multipliers Practitioner, to gain deeper insights into how “Multiply Your Impact” can revolutionise your organisation.



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