Job Purpose

Work collaboratively with clients and prospective clients to understand and achieve their End Game by curating tailored Learning Journeys from Biz’s portfolio of world class content. Generate sales in accordance with personal targets through acquisition of profitable new clients and account management of existing clients.



  • Build a sales pipeline & achieve sales targets – to be agreed with line manager

Business Development

  • Participate in and support the consistent participation in Team BD Session and Solutions Advisory Team Meeting, prioritizing this over all other activity.
  • Ensure clarity of your personal lead generation strategy, including required activity levels to drive lead generation and maintain a healthy pipeline (calls, meetings, opportunity value and conversion ratios)
  • Support other team members in mapping out lead generation strategy both in and outside of Team BD sessions
  • Proactively generate new business opportunities by independently targeting new clients across the Middle East
  • Follow up on leads generated through marketing activities
  • Coordinate closed business deals from negotiation of contract through to integrating contract requirements with business operations, supporting the Customer Success Cycle
  • Ensure complete written and verbal handover to relevant Operations / Implementation Team

Strategic Objectives

  • Build and execute an individual sales strategy and present to team each quarter
  • Actively participate in strategy sessions
  • Understand Biz Group Digital, Learning, Teambuilding and Transforming products and concepts in order to present and propose appropriate solutions to clients in a confident manner

 Quarterly Objectives & Rocks

  • Consistently achieve quarterly objectives
  • Lead (or play a leading role) in the execution of a Quarter Rock or Team Priority

 Learning & Development

  • Be a proactive learner & share knowledge with the rest of the Solutions and wider Biz Group Team
  • Lead at least one Biz Group Learning Huddles throughout the year
  • Lead at least one Solutions Team learning session per year

Account Management & Growth

  • Demonstrate the ability to grow accounts and win repeat business
  • Manage and maintain existing accounts ensuring a continuous profitable relationship by proposing new products and services to enhance existing relationships
  • Maintain up to 15 Key Accounts and 35 Developing Accounts within your portfolio
  • Have 3 or more AED 500k+ revenue accounts in this portfolio


  • Maintain detailed client records and projects through Salesforce, and comply with timely sales administration and support requirements
  • Use systems as per company guidelines
  • Set the example for system utilization, that other colleagues can use as a benchmark


  • Consistently live Biz values with evidence and validation from peers
  • Support People’s Personal Growth by offering support & guidance to other team members


  • Lead and contribute to Deal and Account storms

Specific Measures of Success

  1. Achieve or exceed prospecting call target
  2. Achieve or exceed client meetings’ target
  3. Achieve or exceed opportunities created target
  4. Achieve or exceed revenue contribution target
  5. Maintain close ratio above 30% (or agreed target)
  6. Have 3 or more AED 500k+ revenue accounts in your portfolio


Combining Strengths

We support each other to get the job done and no job is beneath any of us. We have found that, together, we are so much stronger than as individuals and we consider how our decisions and actions impact others. We are united and very close – we are more than a team, we are the ‘Biz family’.

Genuinely Care About Delivering Results

We take ownership and accountability for driving results.  We love going beyond expectations and delighting our Customers and other Bizzers.  We have a bias for continuous improvement.

Believe Anything is Possible

We are an inspired organization and we know that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  We are motivated to think big and aim high, even in challenging times, and are driven towards achieving our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Act with Biz Energy

We live and display contagious energy, enthusiasm and passion. We have incredible fun and are inspired to come to ‘work’ each day. We are fast movers, acting with a sense of urgency, agility, adaptability to change and we think on our feet. We overcome obstacles and bounce back with renewed energy. We never give up.

Tell You What You Need To Hear

We cultivate an environment of trust where open, honest and respectful feedback can be given and received, with the best intentions, internally and with our Customers.  It is not always what we want to hear, but we know it’s what we need to hear in order to grow and improve.

Supporting People’s Personal Growth

We are passionate about helping each other and our Customers grow as well as our own personal development. We invest in learning, we share knowledge and we promote from within. At Biz we grow while having fun.