Employee retention is one of the top challenges that many companies face. Despite the high unemployment ratio due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 27% of employers say that employee retention is one of their most significant pain points. You still need top talent to meet your business goals, especially if you’re operating with a leaner team.

Disengagement is strongly linked to high job dissatisfaction and leads to a high attrition rate as well. According to a poll conducted by Gallup, 73% of actively disengaged and 56% of somewhat disengaged employees are looking for another job opportunity. It is critical that you place higher importance on keeping your teams engaged, motivated, and productive, especially during these challenging times to improve employee retention.

Team building events have always been a great way of reconnecting with teams, which has been proven to improve employee retention. .

5 Ways Team Building Activities Help Boost Employee Engagement

Here are some ways team building activities boost employee engagement and help improve employee retention:

1. Improving Collaboration Between Teams: No matter how much teams and individuals try to collaborate efficiently, the default behaviour is working in silos. It is important to consciously practice collaboration to improve the overall productivity of the team. Team Building Activities help bring teams together and make them work on an activity that requires them to come out of their comfort zones and collaborate to achieve an objective.

2. Improving Communication Skills: Communication is a critical part of a strong team. Effective communication has become even more important now that remote working has become the norm for many companies. Team Building Activities are specifically designed so that teams can improve their listening skills, speak up, and communicate with each other clearly.

3. Developing Human Connections: Team Building Activities take people out of a typical workday scenario and bring them together in a more relaxed setting to connect with each other. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and trust. Putting employees who should know each other together on a personal basis improves their willingness to engage with each other in work as well.

4. Boosting the Morale: When employees feel that they are all working towards a common goal and are incentivised when they do so helps boost their morale. Working as a part of a team and achieving a common goal creates a sense of winning that keeps the teams’ morale high. Organising team building activities are a great way to accomplish this.

5. Decreasing Burnout: People who struggle with prolonged work stress often find themselves at the risk of burnout. It is important that leaders spot the early signs of burnout and take the necessary steps to combat it in time. Team building Activities can help reduce burnout by providing employees with fun and relaxation. They also promote a happy work culture that makes employees think that the company cares about the well-being of employees as well.

Happy and engaged employees are less likely to feel dissatisfied with their jobs and start looking for a different job opportunity. Team building Activities help employees feel more connected to their work, co-workers, and the organisation.

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