The hospitality industry is in a state of recovery. With the vaccine rollout and ease in travel restrictions, travellers have begun to move past pandemic concerns. However, even before the pandemic, the hospitality industry was fraught with a number of challenges, which still persist.

Leveraging Staff Training to Navigate Hospitality Industry Challenges

People are at the heart of the hospitality industry. The challenges highlighted in this article can be resolved to a great extent, if not completely, with an intelligent employee training solution.

However, delivering consistent staff training and reinforcement can be very difficult when dealing with a huge workforce that is dispersed across locations. Training needs to be delivered to the staff without disrupting their daily task flow and routine. It also needs to be personalised according to the needs of each individual as people learn (and also forget) at different rates. Hence, one size fits all training doesn’t work in this case.

Axonify, the world’s leading Frontline Enablement Solution, offers a better way to train, delegate, and communicate with your hotel staff. With personalised, bite-sized training modules that adapt to each employee’s needs, Axonify helps ensure that every staff member is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide top-notch service at every touchpoint, in just 3-5 minutes a day!

In this article, we explore the top challenges the hospitality industry faces and how proper staff training can resolve them.

1. High competition

With so many options available to consumers, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses face intense competition from each other, as well as from online marketplaces and alternative accommodations such as Airbnb.

What is going to differentiate your hotel from others is the kind of customer experience you provide to your guests. With no dearth of options and deals and discounts available, maintaining customer loyalty is crucial. You need to ensure that your staff is well trained and lives and breathes your company values to always deliver an exceptional guest experience. A memorable guest experience is what is going to keep your customers coming back again and again and help you beat the competition.

2. Labour shortages

Hotels rely heavily on human labour, and finding and retaining skilled workers can be challenging, particularly during peak seasons. On top of this, the hospitality industry faces a high turnover rate that can go up to 80%.

Improving the onboarding and training process can solve the implications of labour shortage to a great extent. By reducing the Time to Productivity by 50%, hotels can ensure that their newly hired staff members deliver at the same level as their experienced counterparts.

By educating your staff on the critical aspects, you can also have a multi-skilled staff, reducing the need for a large workforce. Regular communication and training also help the staff stay connected to the organisation and improve staff engagement and retention.

3. Changing consumer preferences

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving, and businesses in the hospitality industry must adapt to meet changing demands for personalised experiences, sustainability, and technology. You need to understand behaviours that create memorable guest experiences and scale key tactics across locations.

However, introducing a new guideline or update when dealing with a vast workforce can take a lot of work. It’s important that these updates are immediately communicated to the hotel staff regularly, and they are up to speed with the latest guidelines and announcements. Effective communication between the hotel management and staff is important for ensuring good service. This problem can be solved by Axonify’s communication feature, which allows you to send important announcements and updates and also lets you monitor who has read the message.

4. Regulatory compliance:

Hospitality businesses must comply with a range of regulations, including health and food safety standards and environmental regulations. A small oversight has the potential to be disastrous for the hotel. The only way to ensure regulatory compliance at all times is through reinforcement. It is important to ensure that the hotel staff takes on board compliance requirements and that the training is continuous and reinforced, leaving no room for error!

5. Maintaining consistency across locations

Hospitality groups are known for the kind of service and experience they deliver. This is the main reason why customers choose a hospitality brand; they can rely on a certain level of service they are used to. Executing operational plans across different locations at the same time can be difficult. Your staff must be trained on new protocols and regularly updated to ensure consistency across locations.

Hospitality Industry Challenges: Tackle Them Head-On with These Staff Training Tips

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