One major challenge of the Emiratisation initiative is the need to find and hire the right people for a range of managerial positions. Many companies have already started with their Emiratisation projects, with Empower announcing that they have already achieved 40% Emiratisation in senior management at the end of 2019.But how can you effectively find and hire the right talent?

This can be done either by searching in your organisation internally, or looking for new hires externally. In our experience, companies are more likely to find success if they look at both recruitment options.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring internally vs. hiring externally:

Lower Costs YES
Reduced Time Upskilling YES
Culture Fit YES
Higher Engagement at Work YES
Knowledge of Processes YES
Industry Skills YES YES
More Diversity in Office YES YES
Higher Retention Ratee YES
University Graduates YES


Biz Group recommendation

Now you have seen some of the benefits of both internal and external hiring, our recommendation is to evaluate your existing employees and potential new starters for positions through the use of assessments.

Overview of assessments

An assessment centre consists of a standardised evaluation of behaviour based on multiple disciplines including: job-related simulations, interviews, and/or psychological tests. This will give a great indication of whether an employee is well-suited to a job role that you are looking to fill.

If you’re interested in assessments but unsure which will best suit your business needs, see the below summary of some of the tools we offer and the assessment and development process that will help you narrow down your search.

Assessment and development process

STEP 1: Research and Development

At this stage, one of our senior learning consultants will gather all the required information including:

  • A participants job role
  • Purpose and competencies
  • Values and company mission

STEP 2: Online Assessment

An online link is sent to the selected participant via email to complete the assessment.

STEP 3: Face to Face Interactive Day

The participants will be required to pass through a series of interactive activities (as an individual/group), with the purpose of observing the behaviours and mapping them against the company competency framework.

STEP 4: Integrated Report

The senior learning consultant will prepare an integrated individual report from all the activities showing the participants strengths and areas of development with subsequent hiring and promotion recommendations.

Assessment and development tools

1. 360 Assessment

The 360 assessment is mapped against the pre-set competencies. It will be completed by the individual, and their colleagues are invited to give feedback, which will give a clear indication of the individuals strengths and weaknesses.

2. PAPI Online Assessment

The PAPI online assessment will help you to understand the personalities, drivers and work styles of your people. This helps you to make the best possible talent decisions.

3. 1 to 1 Competency Interviews

Participants are interviewed and asked specific questions around their competencies to assess their suitability for the role.

4. Virtual Reality Lab

Using the Biz Group Virtual Reality Leadership Lab, participants are observed by senior learning consultants during an immersive VR experience and are evaluated on how they performed against the pre-set competencies.

5. Role Play, Analysis Presentation and Group Discussion

The participants are provided with case studies relating to business challenges, a selection of which will include:

  • Group discussion and decision making
  • Demonstration of coaching for performance skills
  • Business case analysis presentation to the senior learning consultant

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