We’re quick to jump to activity based KPIs when trying to support our sales teams to hit their targets: Make more calls, go on more meetings, send out more proposals. Often these are knee jerk reactions to a dip in revenue, and whilst as a manager you might find comfort in knowing you are addressing the problem and ‘doing something’ proactively about it. You’ll find any results from these types of changes are short lived. There is another way, and it probably goes against what you’re used to. Microlearning.

Train your team using microlearning. You can use this methodology to train both product knowledge and sales techniques which might just give your salesforce the boost they need to impact your revenue figures.


  1. Train one new thing

Keep the topic under 10 minutes (it could be a new client approach, it could be a new product feature). The point is to keep it short and sweet. Everyone who learns this topic should be able to easily teach it to anyone else they come across.

  1. Reinforcement

Use 3-5 questions per day to reinforce the new topic. The topic was short, now the questions are shorter. Everyone will feel confident in their knowledge and understanding. They’ll quickly starting applying this new knowledge in their job roles

  1. Videos

Keep the content interesting. In our personal lives, we often learn by watching YouTube videos, so apply the same logic to corporate learning. People digest information more easily when it’s visual so don’t try and force them to read pages and pages of product manuals or theory based text books.

  1. Make knowledge available on demand

Make sure this micro topic is available for whenever your team need it again in the future. It could be next time they’re walking into a client meeting, it could be next time they pick up the phone to make a sales call and want to try out a new technique. But if you make this information available at the point of need so they can quickly brush up, they’ll feel much more confident in applying it.

  1. Work with technology

Feed this new knowledge to your team through technology, and measure how well they are understanding it using technology. You can start then to build a correlation between employee knowledge and performance. When you have this data available to you, you’re so much better equipped to support your team.

Don’t expect to be able to build an infrastructure that supports this type of learning strategy without a bit of guidance! Learn more about Digital Learning and how Axonify uses microlearning to help business all over the world boost their sales results here.