Frontline training is a necessity in almost every industry. As the point of contact between your business and your customer, it is the area of your business where training is most important. Keeping your frontline staff up to date and best equipped to do their job is paramount to the success of any business. 

Many companies have now turned to Learning Management Systems to handle their frontline training. From onboarding, offering the basics of company policy, guidelines and industry knowhow to regular refreshers and top-ups of soft skills such as time management or complaint handling, LMS for frontline offers speed and effectiveness in training, which can reduce costs and save time. 

Benefits of Regular Frontline Training

Keeping the frontline staff updated and trained as per the latest protocols and guidelines is critical for any business. Especially due to the pandemic, the need for regular frontline training and communication has become even more important. With a frontline LMS, you can deliver regular, up-to-date and personalised training to staff as part of their working day. This means staff are connected, have all the resources to do their job, and exercise a healthy, work-focused attitude. 

Through a smart LMS platform such as Axonify and a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device), staff can access their frontline training courses at any time. BYOD reduces the necessity for the procurement of devices, further saving costs. Having the training available on their own devices also keeps it highly accessible.

Here are some of the ways a smart frontline LMS can solve your frontline training challenges. 

1. Accelerated Learning Retention 

Microlearning is a great way to keep training bite-sized, digestible and fun. Taking just 3-5 minutes a day with access through the learner’s mobile phone, microlearning keeps frontline workers engaged with the training content. This saves valuable floor time and maximises productivity.

2. Personalised and Adaptive Learning

Holding a learner’s attention and ensuring they are getting the best out of the training optimises their interest levels and increases productivity and efficiency. Technological advances mean that today, frontline training through an LMS platform can be kept personalised. Advancements in AI technology create adaptive training, helping fill knowledge gaps. The platform delivers highly personalised and adaptive training content per the learner’s need, making the learning much more effective and impactful. 

3. Quick and Hassle-free Communication

For businesses with a large frontline workforce, it can get challenging to disperse information accurately. With a smart frontline LMS, you can instantly push out important updates to the entire frontline, targeted teams or individuals, that can be accessed easily from anywhere. 

4. No Borders

For those with frontline staff that are geographically dispersed, remote training is another huge benefit. It can be challenging to gather all employees all at once in a room for a training session without taking them away from valuable floor time. Mobile-based frontline LMS solves this problem by delivering personalised training content that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. 

5. Measurable Training Impact 

From a management perspective, consistent frontline training can highlight issues before they become a problem. Regular reporting and live tracking of your staff’s progress can help you identify and structure the training and delivery to suit an individual’s needs. 

Keeping staff engaged has been proven to boost their effectiveness. Making training available on-demand, in time zones around the world and at scale, the frontline LMS platform is a cost-effective way to nurture and develop talent in your team. 

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