Any organisation that is looking to grow and stay ahead of the curve during this age of uncertainty needs to ensure it can train and teach employees in shorter time frames. This could be through preparing new starters, up-skilling existing employees, and preparing leaders to be able to lead their teams into the future.

In this day and age, traditional learning may be seen as more time-consuming, as employees and leaders need to commit valuable time outside of the office to attend classroom-based workshops. However, learning doesn’t need to be consumed through one method. It can be sped up and consumed through a variety of methodologies, and that’s the secret to speeding up the process and ensuring your learners get the most out of it.

Here are our top tips for speeding up the learning process:


Did you know that people forget up to 90% of what they learn within a week of their training? Microlearning and Digital reinforcement platforms like Axonify do more than just train people, they are built to drive business results through reinforcing critical knowledge to employees through a series of 3 questions that take only 5 minutes a day. But how does this speed up learning? The platform is designed to accelerate the way that learners retain information and behaviours, fill in knowledge gaps with personalised training, and lets organisations measure their results using AI and predictive analytics.

Find out more about Axonify and speak to one of our experts about how it can transform your organisation.


Virtual Reality experiences—especially in Leadership—offer learners experiential experiences that immerse them in a new environment with challenges void of instructions. This unfamiliarity and uncertainty is meant to replicate a real-world situation in where they need to make quick decisions and solve problems that arise in a strategic way.

The benefit of Virtual Reality in learning the fact it strips leaders of their sense of control and reveals their innate communication, decision making and leadership skills in shorter time frames. The emotional connection to the simulation also makes the learning more impacting and powerful.

Find out more about using Virtual Reality in leadership development from our comprehensive guide, which you download for free below.


The use of blended learning journeys is another key way to speed up the learning process, as blended learning journeys offer way more impact than just a classroom-based session or online activity. They are flexible, personalised and combine different methods of learning to drive business results. At Biz Group, we have perfected a learning formula that pairs world-class content, the latest learning technologies and our LearningJourneys™ methodologies.

Below you can find an example of a blended Learning Journey constructed by Biz Group:

Keep learning!

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