Cynthia Vincent

As a training consultant, I have the opportunity to inspire change in individuals that can not only improve their own lives but particularly in the case of leadership, can improve the lives of all those they lead. This is a privilege and a responsibility which I take very seriously.

When I design a training programme, I first identify what behaviours, habits & beliefs are needed for success in that area.  Next, I find powerful ways to make the new behaviours relevant and compelling to the participants; to motivate and inspire them to change. Since joining Biz Group in 2014, I have been a lead consultant working with numerous corporate clients designing and delivering transformational leadership programs. I also have extensive experience in delivering bite-size workshops.

I started my career in the USA as a teacher and curriculum developer.  Five years later I moved to Germany where I left education and became an entrepreneur launching the first English language online restaurant guide for the city of Frankfurt.  The five years I spent as the director of my own company in Frankfurt provided me with a wide range of skills and experience in performance management, strategy and sales. The next stop was London where I was drawn back to my passion for helping others achieve their potential; I became a certified business coach at the Mind Gym.  Since 2012, I have been delivering leadership and professional development workshops in the Middle East.

My 15 plus years working in multi-national environments both as a company director and as a business coach and trainer qualifies me to know what business success looks like and, importantly, how to deliver that knowledge in a way that is relevant, practical and energising.

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