Luke Tuffin

Luke originates from the UK with a broad background in adult education as well as specialist teaching. He has worked in the Middle East since 1990 where he acquired his deep understanding of Arabic language and culture. This experience, combined with his postgraduate Arabic studies at Jordan University, provided him with the necessary skills to successfully train in the Gulf environment.

After joining biz-ability in 2002, Luke developed a loyal client base of both global and local organisations. They have each benefited from his cultural awareness and language skills, in particular being able to smoothly switch between Arabic and English mid session.

With a strong science background, Luke has developed the ability to grasp and appreciate technical concepts and work environments and has used this talent to design and deliver highly relevant tailored courses in the oil and gas field and the automotive industry region wide, in addition to a wide variety of international players in retail, government, banks, hotels, insurance and many others.

With a highly participative, adaptable approach, Luke has specialised in Leadership, Sales, Team Building, and Customer Service delivered across a variety of levels within organisations. He has also formulated a variety of unique exercises such as Financial Awareness board games, Service Mystery puzzles and many others. A popular trainer who makes the learning experience highly enjoyable, Luke brings a unique combination of language and cultural understanding which has proven very successful in encouraging delegates in this region to change behaviour.

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