Using Virtual Reality in Leadership Development

Is the use of virtual reality for leadership training all it’s hyped up to be?

Until recently, the use of VR for any kind of soft skills development was underwhelming at best; graphics weren’t up to expectations, the interactive elements were unconvincing, participants were getting sick and the cost of the technology required was prohibitive.

Fortunately, a rapid increase in demand has resulted in significant investment in VR technology and these issues are no longer a blocker for L&D. Walmart, BMW, Verizon and many other Fortune 500 companies are already using VR to develop soft skills and they’re getting the results to back up the investment.

The case for Virtual Reality Leadership development

Disruptive technology, disruptive innovation, new competitors, new market dynamics and an unprecedented pace of change…. are your leaders ready to face these challenges? As the pace of change gets quicker, leaders are constantly having to face challenges that haven’t been faced before. The good news is, L&D professionals no longer have to rely on training tools of the past to prepare leaders for these challenges. Multi-player, virtual reality leadership journeys have arrived in Dubai and we can now give leaders a competitive edge and prepare them with the tools of the future.

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