Are you ready to transform your team’s dynamics in the most creative and engaging way imaginable? Welcome to Animate, where unparalleled creativity meets collaboration, redefining the essence of team building. Animate is not just an exercise but a journey towards enhancing team dynamics, focusing on key areas like communication and strategic planning.

Engaged team brainstorming at Biz UAE's Animate workshop – a hub of creativity and collaboration in Dubai.


A Symphony of Teamwork

Imagine splitting your team into dynamic groups, each tasked with a unique mission: to create a short, innovative animation using craft materials. Animate taps into the demanding yet thrilling process of stop-frame animation, transforming your team into mini movie-makers!

Here’s where the fun intensifies. Teams don’t just work in silos; their animation clips are designed to link seamlessly at the end, narrating one cohesive, often hilarious story. This is not just about individual brilliance but about orchestrating a symphony of teamwork, communication, and planning.

The Challenge: Hilarious Yet Testing

Each group embarks on a creative challenge to create a unique digital stop-motion animation sequence. The journey begins with crafting a storyboard, and envisioning the final masterpiece. In their makeshift animation studio, teams meticulously capture their objects moving through tiny, sequential steps. The climax? Watching their collective efforts spring to life in a stop motion animation story, replete with rewarding and often side-splitting outcomes. Animate isn’t just fun and games. It’s a journey of discovery, fostering team bonding in the most enjoyable way. It underscores that every member has a crucial role, akin to a film production, where communication, planning, and coordination are not just desirable but essential.

Engaged team brainstorming at Biz UAE's Animate workshop – a hub of creativity and collaboration in Dubai. Engaged team brainstorming at Biz UAE's Animate workshop – a hub of creativity and collaboration in Dubai.


Collaboration is Key

Animate emphasises the importance of effective communication and collaboration. Working together, your team ensures continuity and a flawless final video. This activity is not just about creating an animation; it’s about bringing a collective vision to fruition. It’s more than an activity; it’s an experience that blends creativity with purpose. It’s an opportunity to step out of the conventional, to blend learning with laughter, and to see your team transform into a cohesive, creative powerhouse.
What story will your team tell? Animate allows customisation to align with your team, project, or business goals, allowing you to bring business objectives, product launches, or key messages to life in a fun and thought-provoking manner. This isn’t just about creating an animation – it’s about weaving a collective vision into reality, turning your team into a cohesive, creative force.

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