Welcome to the latest update on the Axonify Product Roadmap—a roadmap filled with innovation, purpose, and transformation. As HR and L&D professionals, we know you’re on a constant quest to provide the best learning experiences for your teams. That’s why we’re excited to offer you an exclusive glimpse into what’s happening behind the scenes at Axonify!

Our Vision and Mission
At Axonify, our vision is to create a world where frontline workers feel not just acknowledged but truly empowered and set up for success each day. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape for the frontline workforce. Our mission is crystal clear: to become the leading intelligent digital enablement and experience platform for frontline employees. Our tools and innovations are meticulously designed to elevate skills, enhance communication, boost performance, and drive tangible results for organizations.

Innovations & Future Enhancements
We believe in a structured approach to innovation—one that starts with Problem Discovery, where we dig deep to understand and address the challenges faced by frontline workers. From there, we move to the Solutioning phase, refining and designing solutions that truly make a difference. Finally, our engineers and developers bring these ideas to life in the building phase.

Let’s dive into the highlights from our roadmap:
Learning: We’ve recently rolled out ground-breaking features such as “Manager Assigned Paths,” “Always on Daily Training,” and the innovative “Exam Engine.” But that’s not all; we’re actively developing features like “View Training On Demand” and “Group Visibility.” Plus, we’re exploring a potential redesign of “Program Creation” and the next iteration of “Milestone Pacing.”
Reporting: Transparency and easy access to information are at the core of our values. We’ve introduced “Report, Manager, and BUAdmin Level Access to Campaign & Task Reports,” along with the “New Reporting Page.” Currently, we’re hard at work migrating reports and introducing a “Training Frequency Report.”
Communication: Our game-changing “Discussions” feature and the ability to allow campaign dates to overlap have revolutionized the way teams interact. What’s next? Brace yourselves for the upcoming “Chat” feature!
Core Platform & Operations: We’re excited to announce Mandarin and Haitian language support across our platforms. Mobile users can now enjoy “Notifications for Nudges and Tasks.” On the operations front, we’re streamlining processes with the introduction of “Checklists.”

Integrations: Integration is the heartbeat of our platform. Recently, we unveiled the “Axonify App for Microsoft Teams” and the “Communications API.” We’re also developing “OpenID Connect (OIDC) for Authentication” to ensure a seamless experience for users.
AI: Get ready for “Max,” our new AI Assistant embedded directly on Axonify. Stay tuned for its release, as it promises to take your learning experience to a whole new level!

Be Part of the Journey
Your feedback is invaluable to us. Keep an eye out for upcoming surveys and opportunities to contribute to our growth and evolution. Thank you for being a part of the Axonify family. Together, let’s continue to reshape the landscape of digital enablement and create enriching experiences that empower frontline workers to succeed!
Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we journey toward a brighter future of learning with Axonify. #AxonifyRoadmap #HR #LearningandDevelopment #Innovation #FrontlineEmpowerment
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