A new challenge for many companies post-COVID, is how to properly enforce a successful training and integration regime for new staff. With many positions in many workplaces succumbing to ‘work-from-home’, guiding staff through training and on-the-job-learning require different approaches.

Fortunately, technology has provided a plethora of platforms to make this task a little easier. Not all companies are new to work-from-home and virtual solutions to these kinds of conundrum may have been around for a little longer than you’d imagine.

For those blindsided by the bug, there are a few simple solutions to the issue. Using your existing model for training new staff, and a few choice programmes and platforms you can have new team members up to speed in no time.

A Whole New World

Your new team member will undoubtedly be no stranger to video calls in 2021. It is perhaps the case that their interview(s) were taken remotely. Filling out the essentials with HR, introductions to key members of the company, their team or even a run-down of the company’s history and ethos may have been managed remotely. These remote interactions can all form part of a virtual onboarding strategy.

The goal of virtual onboarding is to integrate new team members, helping them to become part of your well-oiled machine. A solid virtual onboarding programme has been proven to increase both employee retention and productivity.

Achieving successful onboarding remotely takes more than just training and Zoom meetings. Bringing your team together through other mediums such as online games or virtual coffee breaks offer a different, more relaxed approach to bonding.

Virtual team building exercises give chance for new employees to get to know their peers, aiding on-the-job learning and creative cohesion between colleagues.


For on-the-job-learning, platforms such as Axonify offer the perfect solution. When you invest in bringing new staff on board, it’s in your interest to keep hold of them. By providing adequate training, guidance and support, you’ll find this much easier.

Axonify provides training and support through an app that can be used on any smart device. By simply logging in, employees can access their training tasks, working through them in the order that will be most beneficial to their success.

The programme will send progress reports, so management know exactly which step of the process the employee has arrived. These indicators to your employees progress help monitor, but also let you know when to step in.

When the course is complete, you can assign further training in bite-sized offerings. By engaging your staff with regular training and communication, you build their knowledge, productivity and ultimately their loyalty.

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