For businesses across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a new set of challenges. There were those who swam and those who sank. For the swimmers, preparedness was usually the ballast keeping the boat afloat. For the sinkers, it was adapt quickly or face the perils of the sea bed.

Learning hard lessons in crisis management can hit where it hurts. It is a double blow for many, learning that a crisis plan for your business does not belong on the to-do list. This was the number one reason we saw failure in leadership through the pandemic’s tougher months—the responsibility for such measures being in place landing firmly at business leaders’ feet.

Other issues arising came from a failure to engage with staff and customers alike. During times of uncertainty, strong leaders should serve as a beacon of light, guiding their team through the storm. A voice of reason, logic and assurance at the top will trickle down through the ranks keeping a tight ship.

Another prominent concern was the ‘it won’t happen to us’ mentality. Simply burying your head in the sand would not suffice for the level of disruption to businesses seen during 2020. Taking affirmative action at the earliest possible stage gives the best chance of survival.

So how do you keep prepared for such eventualities, especially in a post-COVID world?

Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual Reality simulation experiences offer the chance to address scenarios faced by upper management in a safe, controlled environment. Building on the soft skills required for successful, strong management, our VR solutions will work alongside your L&D team. Together, they can create a leadership training VR experience that fits perfectly into your business strategy.

This innovative and contemporary learning solution can offer much more than just an increase in your business leaders’ knowledge. With detailed analytics on the feedback results, you can see the impact the training is having on your business.

Our Virtual Reality solutions give leaders the chance to develop the soft skills required for leaders to achieve. Through our immersive, controlled environment, difficult conversations can be replicated without reprise. By identifying negative behaviours through this means, you avoid the risk of them becoming a real-world issue. The VR training programs for leaders bring out the best in leadership, and during times of crisis, strong command shines. Our programs offer increased learner retention, flexibility in their design and the ability to adapt to your business requirement.

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