The world is changing at a rapid pace. We live in a world where established companies are disrupted by millennials and technological breakthroughs redefine how consumers purchase, people communicate and businesses operate.

In this new landscape where innovative capability is key to survival, we need to ask ourselves: How can companies adapt to stay ahead of the curve? And what does it require of their teams and people?

Biz Group recently conducted a survey that showed that when faced with workplace conflict and pressure:

  • a staggering 91% of respondents do not feel that their teams work together to solve problems
  • 85% of respondents do not feel that their organisation works towards problem – solving instead of assigning fault
  • 94% of respondents in the UAE do not feel that their managers create dialogue for their employees

Download our exclusive UAE based survey paper to find out why 94% of people don’t feel their manager creates dialogue with their teams.