Job Purpose

Change the way people think and work every day through the delivery of learning initiatives to our corporate clients either through design, delivery, coaching or consulting projects. The role also includes relationship building with clients and participants together with supporting the Solutions team in winning new business.


  • Deliver our core accredited programmes solo after completing the biz Induction and Consultant Accreditation
  • Meet with and build trust with clients prior to, during and after delivery of training
  • Create satisfaction in the client by scoring an average NPS of 75 and above on training
  • Deliver an agreed number of billable hours per month in line with set target, with a large degree of flexibility to satisfy the varying seasonal demands of the business
  • Meet Operations process requirements in terms of production, the return of materials, reporting and ILM Marking achieving an internal average NPS score of 75 and above.
  • Support the Solutions team as the training expert in the creation of proposals and in sales pitches
  • Adapt materials to meet client identified needs and business challenges in line with the research and design brief agreed in the handover from the solutions advisor.
  • Provide support to Bizzers by delivering internal coaching and training when required
  • Contribute to the consultant team and strategy meetings to assist in developing new
    initiatives and building the brand value of Biz Group
  • Ensure that Axonify is introduced to participants in the training room when digital reinforcement is part of the learning journey
  • Meet the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) processes and timelines when delivering and assessing leadership journeys that follow the program.
  • Optional for those who chose to Account Manage: Generate a minimum agreed value of continued business within client accounts
  • Provide feedback back to the solutions advisor and head of training when required following client training events

Role Competencies & Behaviours

Our idea team player will be hungry, humble and smart.

  • Rapid establisher of credibility across all levels
  • Magical relationship builder with clients and cross functionally
  • Compelling communicator and presenter with the ability to think on your feet
  • Strongly empathic and able to connect with people at an individual and group level and to quickly understand their challenges and translate these into learning interventions
  • Powerfully influential so is able to convince others to pursue a course of action
  • Passionate and dedicated to developing and growing the potential in others
  • Strong desire to both give and receive feedback and act upon it
  • Experienced in training delivery across all levels from entry level to middle management
  • Agile in terms of responsiveness, change and learning
  • Outcome driven with a will and desire to exceed quality standards and expectations
  • Strong sense of accountability to ensure effective use of own time and resources, overall project success, including timely execution of pre and post training activities and administration
  • Strong organization skills and a real ‘plate spinner’
  • Trend seeker who loves to be part of the way forward
  • Capability to design learning materials for on and offline interventions will be preferred.