Are you looking for an exciting and innovative way to boost teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills within your Middle East-based organization? Look no further than “CSI La Hacienda” – a thrilling 3D whodunnit experience that will have your team on the edge of their seats.

The Mystery Unveiled:

Imagine your team taking on the roles of seasoned detectives tasked with solving the enigmatic death of Roberto Gonzalez at his Hacienda in Mexico. This immersive 360-degree team-building activity is designed to sharpen deductive reasoning and collaborative decision-making skills.

In this adventure, your team will be armed with a detective briefcase brimming with information and resources, live evidence, and a cutting-edge tablet-based 360 Virtual Touring Platform. With these tools, teams will explore every nook and cranny of the Hacienda, uncovering hidden clues and connecting the puzzle pieces.

Unlock the Secrets:

The game app challenges teams with riddles and puzzles, and the solutions, if correct, unlock valuable hints to help them unravel the mystery. As they venture from room to room in the Hacienda, teams will discover items that can aid them in their quest. But be warned, only teams that work methodically, employ deductive reasoning, and harness the collective skills and knowledge of all team members will unearth the truth and solve the mystery.

Learning Outcomes:

Participating in CSI La Hacienda isn’t just about fun and excitement; it’s about learning and development too. Here are some key learning outcomes:

  • Observation Skills: Participants learn to keenly observe their surroundings to acquire crucial information.
  • Effective Communication: Sharing findings with the team requires clear and effective communication.
  • Critical Thinking: Teams must analyze and interpret facts, encouraging critical thinking and reflection.
  • Deductive Reasoning: To reach a consensus, teams must utilize deductive reasoning, debating individual interpretations and conflicting opinions.
  • Collaborative Decision-Making: Under time pressure, teams employ divergent thinking in making collaborative decisions.
  • Team Trust and Unity: CSI La Hacienda challenges and develops team trust and unity as members work together to uncover the truth.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential:

If you’re ready to take your team’s skills to the next level and infuse a sense of excitement and adventure into your corporate training and development programs, CSI La Hacienda is the perfect solution. This immersive experience promises not only to thrill your team but also to equip them with valuable skills that can be applied in the workplace.

Ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? Learn more about CSI La Hacienda and watch a video preview on Catalyst Middle East’s website. It’s time to unlock your team’s inner detective and tackle challenges in a whole new way!


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