A good team is made up of  many different personalities and strengths. Learning how to use your teams strengths is key to being a successful team leader.

Strong leaders will recognise the roles that social bonds play in the effectiveness of a team. Simply put: people who like each other will work better together. However, people with different strengths might not be best friends straight away. It’s important that you help your team members to understand each other, and themselves. For example, an introvert character might find it intimidating to be surrounded by extroverts, this might mean they’re not able to demonstrate their strengths. Give your team members the tools they need to work effectively with different personality types.

Try taking a strengths finder assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Encourage your team to be vulnerable about their weaknesses with each other. This will help them to build relationships, and learn the best way to communicate with each other.

KEY takeaways

  • The best work will get done by a team that understands each other
  • Find out your teams strengths and weaknesses in a scientific way
  • Actively look for chances to improve your teams dynamics
  • Look at the option of 1-day job swap to encourage learning of different roles
  • Ensure teams are comfortable in workplace-based activities.

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