On Friday 26th July 2019, the Labour Ministry of Saudi Arabia announced new measures as part of its ongoing ‘Saudization Initiative’. Amidst the new additions to the policy (that is already in the instigation stage across many industries, including retail) was a stipulation for 100% Saudization of 20 jobs and professions within the hospitality sector. What is the latest allowed implementation date for these new mandatory requirements? An Islamic calendar date that is likely to fall on the 29th December 2019. A mere four months away at the time of writing this blog post.

Implementation of the Saudization Initiative is putting many Saudi businesses under pressure, with a the possibility of penalization for violation of the laws. This puts thousands of Saudi businesses in a high-stakes race against time to ensure they adhere to the Saudization policies. The transition period is, unfortunately, not always a smooth one. Many employers are reporting high staff turnover during the adaptation.

High staff turnover = high costs.

So, what are the solutions to these urgent and perplexing difficulties?

Saudization Initiative – The Long-Term Solutions to the Costly Problems


Getting significant numbers of new staff into your business in a short timeframe presents numerous challenges. Not least of these is how, as a business, you go about ensuring the on-boarding process for your new employees is as swift and effective as possible. Flexible and efficient training programmes are essential to guide a company successfully through this period of extreme transition. So, in these circumstances, why should companies turn to Axonify’s AI-powered microlearning platform? The reasons are potently valid and plenty:

  • As stated on Biz Group’s website: “Axonify’s adaptive algorithm personalises learning to each individual’s needs to fill their knowledge gaps and ensure they learn information that is relevant and important for their job and their growth”. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means that each of a company’s employees will receive a bespoke training programme that personalises itself to their needs. Axonify’s AI-powered microlearning platform learns an employee’s strengths and weaknesses….and adjusts their training programme accordingly. This is cutting edge technology that immeasurably improves and hastens a new member of staff’s on-boarding process.
  • You know those traditional and outrageously retro (and not in a “retro cool” way) work-based training sessions? Where you sit in a room listening to someone talk at you for hours on end? Those sessions where your concentration starts to wander after about an hour? Statistics show that 90% of everything employees learn in those ‘one-size-fits-all’ training sessions is forgotten within a week. That is emphatically not the case with Axonify. Axonify’s microlearning platform delivers short, personalised and adaptive learning bursts in just 3 to 5 minutes a day. These learning bursts drive lasting behavioural change and establish invaluable knowledge within a company’s employee base. An added bonus? Axonify’s AI-powered microlearning platform doesn’t take employees away from their work for vast time-chunks of their shift.
  • Once a company has utilised Axonify’s AI microlearning platform once; it is a simple, fluid and natural exercise to repeat the process for any subsequent trainees. It renders continually booking training rooms, trainers and taking staff away from their work as dusty relics of a bygone era.
  • Reducing your training costs and increasing efficiency, that’s a bit of a myth right? It used to be….but it isn’t anymore. Axonify is a learning platform that garners over 70% engagement from employees. That is huge. It is a learning platform where 80% of users say it helps them perform better at their jobs, and 84% of users participate voluntarily. Jaw-dropping figures, especially when compared to old-school training methods. All this at less cost to your business, and with a facility to measure the direct impact on your bottom line.

A well-trained workforce is a happy and efficient workforce. A happy and efficient workforce drastically decreases staff turnover. Decreased staff turnover leads to significantly reduced costs. Axonify provides all these qualities to its clients. That is why, at Biz Group, we partnered with Axonify to bring their groundbreaking learning platform to the Middle East. We’re proud to be able to offer these services to our clients. It truly is a game-changer. It is also the perfect remedy for the many Saudi businesses who are struggling to meet the challenges posed by the ongoing Saudization Initiative.