[Riyadh, DATE, 2024] – Biz Group, a leading corporate learning and development company, proudly announces the opening of its new office in Riyadh as part of its strategic expansion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, further strengthening its presence in the Middle East.  This milestone comes as Biz Group celebrates 30 years of delivering transformative learning experiences across the region.

The new Riyadh office, located in the Al Malaz District, marks a significant step in Biz Group’s commitment to fostering corporate growth and talent development in line with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030. The Biz Group Saudi team is fully supported with sales, project management, consultants and support teams, leveraging the region’s rich talent pool. As a strategic partner in corporate training, Biz Group aligns its innovative learning solutions with the goals of Vision 2030, contributing to the Kingdom’s efforts in diversifying the economy, empowering its workforce, and building a thriving society.

“Our expansion into Riyadh is not only a testament to our enduring commitment to the Middle East but also a reflection of our dedication to Saudi Arabia’s dynamic and visionary approach to training and corporate development,” said CEO and Founder Hazel Jackson. “By aligning our expertise in learning and development with the objectives of Vision 2030, we aim to empower organisations and their employees to achieve excellence and drive progress.”

With Biz Group’s server hosting now available in Saudi Arabia, companies utilising Axonify for their training solutions stand to gain significantly. This infrastructure enhances Axonify’s performance with reduced latency, ensuring that training programs are delivered more efficiently and effectively. The local server presence also ensures data privacy and security, aligning with regulatory compliance and safeguarding training content. This development empowers companies to leverage Axonify’s full potential, fostering a more engaged and well-trained workforce within the regulatory framework of Saudi Arabia.

The new Riyadh office will be joined by Saudi National, Arwa Al Omari: Solutions Advisor, along with a team of experts bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the region. Arwa comments: “I am excited to join Biz Group’s first office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supporting our clients and the economic growth and development of the Kingdom. The opening of our Riyadh office is a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to expand our regional footprint in key and critical markets.”

In the realm of corporate training, there is often a disconnect between learning and its practical application in the workplace. This gap leads to wasted resources, unfulfilled potential, and a workforce ill-equipped to face modern challenges. As a leading Learning Application Partner, Biz Group’s approach is tailored to convert passive learning into active workplace application, ensuring that the investment in professional development yields tangible, real-world results. These initiatives are designed to enhance skills, foster innovation, and nurture a culture of continuous learning among Saudi professionals and businesses.

As Saudi Arabia strides towards its Vision 2030 goals, Biz Group is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of corporate learning in the Kingdom. The organisation’s dedication to utilising state-of-the-art learning technologies and methodologies ensures its clients are prepared to face the rapidly changing global business environment. This approach ensures that investments in professional development in Saudi Arabia produce concrete and impactful outcomes.

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