Dania Chaar

Dania has over 10 years experience in Retail & Human Capital Development roles.  These roles include management positions within industries renowned for premium customer service, retail sales and marketing.  She holds a bachelor degree in political science & administration.

Her most recent corporate role was Training Supervisor of Group Learning and Development with the Alshaya Company based in Dubai, who has more than 80 brands in their portfolio; across 20 countries and encompassing more than 46,000 employees.  The portfolio includes globally recognised brands such as Starbucks, Mothercare, H&M, and Debenhams.  She has worked in this field for over 7 years with a profound ability to perform a variety of soft skills training activities.

She is passionate about helping people at all levels to reach their full potential and to ensure organisations have the ability to adapt, evolve and seize the growth opportunities that lie ahead.  She believes that people are the key to success in any organisation.

Her training skills have been particularly applied in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service Excellence & Loyalty, and Communication Skills.

She demonstrates willingness & ability to design, develop, review and implement new  training programmes and update existing materials for new work methods and monitor their effectiveness accordingly.

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