Eleanor Parpotta

Senior Business Consultant

Eleanor has over 12 years experience working in a leading FTSE 100 Global FMCG organisation, in various global customer facing roles, in both Europe and the Middle East. Her shift in career to focus on learning and development came though her love of managing teams and seeing the impact she could make on individuals and organisations.

She is naturally inquisitive with a love of exploring concepts and possibilities, with a desire to innovate and bring new ideas to life in her programmes. Her genuine curiosity of people and organisations help her have huge empathy. Eleanor has had enormous success working across a broad range of industries. Her ability to listen, understand complex concepts at pace and seek out opportunities; coupled with exceptional communication and facilitation skills, means results are always broad reaching and long lasting and this is what makes her stand out to her clients.

Her global experience has also developed her strong cultural awareness, adaptability and the understanding of its importance in business and learning. Her meaningful, long-lasting relationships, built on the ability to see from multiple perspectives and have open conversations, are her trademark.

Eleanor’s training style is dynamic, engaging and interactive. She always has real life practical examples to support the understanding and application of theories covered, enabling her to link theory to practical application so learning can be quickly applied in the workplace for maximum impact to the individual and the client’s business.

Eleanor is passionate about people and enriching lives, as well as organisations. She believes she can help empower and motivate people through learning and growth to be more fulfilled at work and in life. She believes that when people learn, they grow, and through that growth they feel more empowered to make a positive impact. She aspires to help people live more fulfilled lives.