As the world continues to become technologically advanced, it essential that companies are prepared to evolve the capabilities of their teams. There has been a shift to more integrated and complex organizations and to be successful, there must be a change in mindset in relation to the way of working..

At one of our recent Trends Breakfast events, we asked our 50 attendees to choose from a list of competencies they think their teams need to adopt to be ‘future ready’.

Here are their top 5 responses:

1. Trust.

To develop an environment where teams can be open, honest and transparent, there must be trust.

2. Adaptability. 

The future will bring rapid change and as such teams must be quickly adapt. The ability to embrace and respond to digital disruption will be a key benefit for the business.

3. Boundary-less Collaboration.

Teams must be able to efficiently work cohesively. This collaboration involves teams working across functional, organizational and cultural boundaries to create synergies.

4. Learning Agility.

There must be a willingness and ability to commit to developing oneself professionally and personally.

5. Customer Centricity.

Teams should be integrating customer insights into their decision making processes. Companies that are putting the customer at the heart of their decisions are seeing an increase in the customer lifetime value.


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