Together, UAE businesses can ‘REBOUND’.

As the Dubai business community rises from the ashes of a global pandemic it is faced with an inevitable discomfort and apprehension over how to embrace the new normal. But a new normal is now necessary. The workplace needs to reboot and the majority of us must return to the office. The difficulty is that the environment employees left three months ago is no longer the same environment they are returning to. Unprecedented in its scope and complexity a return to the office in the midst of such uncertainty is very difficult for companies and especially SMEs to navigate.

But the coming months are also a significant opportunity, a window for reset and renewal, the chance to reflect and build something better for everyone.

The Biz Group ‘REBOUND’ Framework and Helper Kit is a flexible framework that guides action and inspires all involved. Conceived to support companies in the UAE ‘rebound’ stronger together, it highlights all the moving parts that need to be addressed to inspire a safe and productive return to the office.

The new priorities of personal safety, public duty and a culture of compassion and collective re-connection that are outlined in the REBOUND framework will help businesses to prevail. They can use this simple structure, supported by a suggested checklist of action areas to guide executive decisions. REBOUND embraces a new type of ‘R value’ as a shared goal and belief in a brighter future together. Register your interest today.

REASSURE – Safety & responsibility

REARRANGE – Physical Space refit

RESET – Overcoming fear and anxiety

RECONNECTION – Team engagement

REDISCOVER – New ways of doing things

REPOSITION – Re-brand your business

RECIPROCATE – Give Back and build community

REJOICE – Celebrate success

RECEPTIVE – Listen and activate feedback

The REBOUND framework is conceived by Biz Group but feeds on collective energy and calls upon other companies to share their successes and lessons learnt and for people to feel inspired to rebound and come back stronger together. Register your interest today.

I also want to send a special thank you to Steve Copestake and Niki Walsh for your involvement and collaboration efforts on this exciting new initiative.

Keep learning,

Biz Group