Businesses are driven by the need to maximize sustainability and profitability. Leaders of work teams need to maximize productivity from individual members and the team as a whole.

How do you get more from your team?

  1. Set Intriguing Puzzles

Giving your team more stimulating challenges to solve, gives them a chance to use their intelligence at a higher level. When your team is excited and feels challenged by the task, there will be an increase in engagement and innovation.

  1. Generate Belief In Ability to Overcome Tough Challenges

When you set these new tough challenges, the next step is to generate the belief that the individuals of your team can get the job done. How? Have your team be part of the planning of the tasks. Their belief in their completion of the tasks will be higher and they will be more engaged throughout the process.

  1. Recognise Remarkable Behaviour

It is important to reinforce the involvement of your team. Praise your team for their hard work and contribution. Recognizing their efforts goes a long way in making your team feel valued. There is no need for extravagant awards, simply some sincere words to the individuals of your team letting them know what they do is appreciated.

Many traditional team leaders do not have the ability to recognize or reward those who have given something more than what is expected. It is critical that the team leader assesses his team members carefully to help develop an approach that will bring about the changes desired.

Challenging team members to take on tough tasks with confidence and exercising genuine recognition will go a far way in increasing engagement and productivity thereby getting more out of your team. Each team will be different, and the dynamics of the teams may affect the degree to which each of these tips are manifested.

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