5 Reasons to Find a Great Leadership Training Company in Dubai

There’s a reason why the world spent over $366 billion on corporate training in 2018. The growing number of new businesses, techniques, and people of employment age corresponds with a growing demand for training services.

In simple terms, professionals need help catching up with changes to the business landscape, as well as with their more experienced competitors.

The same rule holds true for leadership skills: after you succeed at putting together a team of talented people, you have to know what to do with them.

If you’re in the market for leadership training in Dubai or want to learn more about the benefits of linking up with a leadership training company near you, have a look at these 5 ways your business could benefit from a crash course.

1. Your business stays competitive

Competition isn’t only about who has the newest tools, the sharpest skills, and the best products. Success over another business can boil down to differences in leadership.

Excellence, it turns out, is contagious. A study published by Forbes in 2015 found a link between the quality of a company’s management and its overall productivity. Quality leaders inspire their teams to work smarter, and to produce better output using little more than the tricks and habits they’ve learned over the course of their careers.

It pays to know that, like many other professional traits, leadership skills can be developed and innovated as time goes on. Employees’ needs and motivations change with the times, as evidenced by the literature that’s emerging on how to best manage members of Gen-Z.

Keeping yourself and the leaders in your organisation up to date with the latest best practices in leadership will prepare you to handle generational nuances, as well as the timeless challenges involved.

Investing in a leadership training company in Dubai may not guarantee explosive returns, but it will give you an advantage over competitors who are less interested in innovating their management practices.


VR training (3)

A great way to train leaders for the future and to ensure they stay ahead of the curve is through Virtual Reality Leadership Training—which brings the pioneering application of immersive VR technology and unique gamification content together with expert behavioural psychology.

It has been proven that augmented and virtual environments deliver highly emotional experiences, which in turn are more effective in forging behavioural change. To put it simply, they give you a bigger impact in a smaller time frame, which is ideal for leaders that don’t have a lot of time and need to experience results faster.

Register your interest in Virtual Reality Leadership Training with Biz Group.

2. Your overall communication ethic improves

Communication is essential to a successful business. Your teams need to be able to exchange ideas clearly, and do away with costly failures of communication—and they do this best when everyone’s on the same page.

Leadership relies on clear, leveled communication, and one major benefit of putting your managers and teams through leadership training is that everybody gets exposed to the same concepts and paradigms for leadership and management.

The themes that govern your office leadership may vary—for example, your trainer might recommend favoring horizontal organisation over hierarchy. Whatever the case, having all of your staff members undergo leadership training makes sure that everyone understands where your leaders are coming from when they do their jobs.

In this way, your office spends more time getting productive work done, and less time struggling to read into the reasons why your managers are the way they are.



Biz Group’s partnership with Blanchard® offers a prime example of leadership training that improves team communication: the Building Trust program, which establishes a common language and framework between your team members and their managers.

3. You gain new leaders, faster

As your business expands, new leadership roles are bound to open up. You could fill these with top candidates pulled from elsewhere in the job market, but doing so means spending time and money familiarising them with your products, staff, and business culture.

Alternately, you could pull from your existing pool of talent—people who’ve spent a number of years with your company, and who know your business from the inside out.

That is, if any of them are ready for the task.

Investing in the services of a leadership training company in Dubai means the less experienced members of your workforce are exposed to the habit of building leadership skills early on. Over time, this converts your employees into prospective managers who, from the get-go, can direct your teams with an intimate knowledge of your company.

It’s easy to tell an employee to brush up on their leadership skills, but it’s far harder to give them a clear understanding of what that means without enlisting the help of specialists.



Biz Group recommends putting any new leaders—whether they are hired externally or developed from existing talent within your business—through Multipliers.

4. You and your managers make better decisions

Higher levels of emotional intelligence are one of the many products of strong leadership training—and coincidentally a component of smarter decision-making.

The best decisions take all stakeholders and perspectives into account. Businesses can rise or fall depending on how well they are able to utilise the many minds and values that they house. Those that do well tend to be receptive to different ideas, and those that fail might do so because of a failure to make the most out of their diversity.

Leadership training helps professionals become better listeners who are more receptive to their colleagues’ ideas. This can make for a more open culture of communication across the board, and yield more decisions grounded on shared insight.

Not only do professionals who undergo leadership training emerge more attuned to the needs and emotions of others, they have a deeper awareness of themselves as well. This makes for an easier time making it through stressful situations and crises, which in turn makes for better decisions when the going gets tough.


Biz Group offers fantastic training for executive leaders, find out more here.

5. You retain more employees

We end our list on a simple, intuitive note.

There’s a very popular saying that goes, “People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.” If you’ve ever had the misfortune of working under a poor manager, then you know this holds true.

Proper leadership training helps eliminate bad management habits. Receiving this instruction from people outside of your business can do a better job of making sure the lessons stick—trainers can claim expertise, and work outside of your established office dynamics.


Professional leadership training can go a long way towards ensuring that your business performs at peak operational capacity. An investment in training is an investment in better communication, better decisions-making, and a better future for your business and its employees.

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There’s never an excuse for poor leadership, so take advantage of what the best leadership training companies in Dubai have to offer.

You can start by checking enquiring with us at Biz Group. We have been providing world-class leadership training in Dubai for over 25 years and have a full suite of training solutions that could help your business improve, contact a friendly solutions advisor today to find out more.