Ineffectively delivering feedback can affect your team’s performance. Feedback given the right way creates an open and communicative environment for your colleagues. Your team will be more motivated and their productivity will increase.

Here are some ways you can improve how you communicate with your team:-

  1. Give it often! Informal and simple feedback should be given regularly. As a result, your team will know where they stand all the time. The more you give feedback, the easier it will be to give and receive.
  1. Feedback isn’t only negative. Knowing when and why to give criticism is important for managers. Recognize and reward your team when they’ve worked hard. Give positive feedback as much as constructive feedback.
  1. Don’t wait for a scheduled meeting or that annual performance review to give feedback. No one wants to hear what they did six months ago. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, give it at the earliest opportunity. Giving feedback shortly after something has happened allows colleagues to put the feedback into action. Giving it in the moment is more effective.
  1. Give feedback based on specific situations or circumstances. Don’t be general and vague, it doesn’t help your colleagues’ progress. Explain exactly what they need to improve on and how they can improve it. It is much better for your team to hear about a specific occasion than about all the time.
  1. Demonstrate how to accept constructive feedback and set an example. Create an environment where your team feels safe giving you feedback on your direct reports. Make it part of your office culture.

Effectively giving feedback can change the way your team works. Check out our increased productivity training courses for more information.