Imagine how resilient your organisation could be if it were filled with people who have the skills and self-confidence to get what they need without unnecessary guidance or wasted time.

Organisations execute poorly when individual contributors are not taking the initiative or being as effective as they could be. Performance is often stalled because employees do not know how to ask for what they need when they need it. The truth is that people want to be engaged, make meaningful contributions, and be appreciated.

We know how important it is to the success of your organisation that every person is empowered and committed to achieving results. When you arm individual contributors with a self-leadership mindset and skillset, you build an empowered workforce that is productive, innovative and passionate about their work.

Leadership is about developing people, and research shows that many people are not using their full potential. The challenge for many leaders is that they don’t have the skills to be as flexible as they perhaps realise they should be.

Leaders who can adapt their leadership style to different situations to become more supportive and less directive will empower their people to contribute more as everyone strives to reach their goals.

There are three key skills that will help all leaders: Goal Setting, Diagnosis and Matching to ensure that people reach their peak performance potential. Mastering these skills will ensure the effectiveness of leaders.

  1. Goal Setting: Clarifying goals ensures people understand what they are being asked to do in their area of accountability and what performance standards they will be evaluated against.
  2. Diagnosis: The ability to diagnose team members’ commitment and competence levels. Do they have the skills or knowledge required, and are they motivated and confident enough to meet the goals or tasks allocated to them?
  3. Matching: Leaders need to be flexible to adapt their leadership style to meet the team member’s development level.

A great measure of success is seeing leaders demonstrate the ability to develop self-reliance within their teams and increase the quality and quantity of performance conversations.

At Biz Group, we have helped thousands of leaders develop critical leadership capabilities such as Transformational leadership, Future-Ready leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and more.

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