Claire Drummond

Senior Consultant – Customer Experience

Claire is an accomplished Customer Experience professional with more than 15 years’ experience in customer experience management in the UK and UAE.

Claire has delivered a number of high profile projects at Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Emirates Islamic and Butterflies Childcare resulting in increased employee, customer experience,  simplification and cost reduction.

Devising and delivering key Customer Experience focused initiatives is a key strength, all resulting in C-SAT, NPS and external competitor benchmarking improvements (HSBC UK moved from 6th – 1st in overall Customer Service with NPS increasing 15 points)

Claire is adept at defining personas, creating customer journey maps and service blueprints helping clients build long lasting relationships with their customers, most recently working on the Services 360’ policy which aims to improve and enhance Dubai Government services.

She provides motivation for Employee engagement, delivering CX related training and communication programs via multiple media channels (HSBC & Emirates Islamic)

She builds strong, ongoing relationships with her clients, understanding their needs, preferences and goals and has been lucky to have worked with financial institutions, childcare and government entities across her career.

Her overall goal is to support organizations becoming customer-centric and her passion lies in helping create exceptional experiences that differentiate from their competitors.