Axonify, the world’s leading frontline LMS is one of Biz Group’s flagship offerings. Designed especially for the frontline and providing learning on the go and in the flow of work, Axonify helps organisations solve real business challenges through AI-based microlearning.

As exclusive partners of Axonify in the Middle East, Biz Group helps organisations implement the learning solution, evaluate current content, map out what learning content they need and build a plan to bridge gaps. However, our job is not done once we have signed the contract and implemented the tool. We ensure that our clients make use of Axonify to the fullest.

This is where Dina Elborai comes into the picture.

Dina is a Customer Success Manager at Biz Group, who ensures that our clients who use Axonify can use it at its optimum and solve their business problems. She consults with the clients and supports them so they can leverage Axonify to its fullest and make sure that Axonify helps them reach their business goals or department goals and solve a business challenge they might be facing.

This article will highlight how Dina helps THE One, Total Home Experience, a UAE-grown Lifestyle Brand, achieve its business objectives.


Currently, THE One has 22 stores and 1 Bistro restaurant across the Middle East and North Africa. The growing workforce spread across different geographical locations posed the challenge of training their frontline, keeping them informed, and communicating with them efficiently.

THE One was looking for a training solution that would allow them to improve staff knowledge growth for improving sales conversions and help them deliver exceptional customer service.

How Dina Supports THE One

Dina follows a consultative approach to solving clients’ business problems. Dina sits with them to understand their business challenges and ensures that Axonify can help them solve them. She likes to involve all the stakeholders to understand their goals. For instance, success can look very different from the HR perspective than the Operations or Management view.

For HR, onboarding, improving people’s performance, and increasing employee engagement are essential. On the other hand, Operations know the business’s heart and soul and understand the stores’ day-to-day challenges and what the end users face daily.

Dina brainstorms ideas with the team, asking them questions and helping them generate more value from Axonify. For instance, an organisation may have onboarded Axonify for regular training and accessible communication with the frontline. Dina goes beyond the initial ask and ensures they can measure the impact of training on the sales numbers or NPS scores also.

Increasing Sales Conversion

THE One started a series of training programmes with users. They wanted to focus on certain top-selling products and ensure the staff knew everything about it and were able to upsell and cross-sell products.

Instead of just using Axonify to answer some training questions, Dina suggested adding videos to make the training experience more engaging. According to THE One’s internal survey, within the first six months of using Axonify, users reported that the knowledge they gained about suggestive selling and cross-selling, among other topics, helped them to do better on the job.

In fact, the top performers on Axonify are usually the top-performing employees. As a result, THE One reported a 10% increase in sales conversion rates by training with Axonify 5 times a week.

Improving Employee Engagement

Ensuring the frontline staff is engaged with the company values and objectives can be very hard. As people are scattered across different locations, communication from the Head Office can take time and effort.

Axonify’s Timelines feature helps achieve effective communication and employee engagement with the frontline staff in different locations and improves the overall organisational culture. THE One also recently bagged the Great Place to Work Award.

Ensuring Customer Success

Making sure that the client is comfortable and empathising with the client’s challenges is one of Dina’s top priorities. She delivers support that goes beyond contractual agreements and support tickets.

‘I am one of your team members; I am not a third party,’ says Dina. ‘My role is to make sure my clients are successful in front of the business.’ She can coach them on how to present the numbers, suggest ideas to improve a process or answer questions that might pop up from the reports Axonify generates. Ultimately, client success is Dina’s success.